Tuesday, July 5, 2011

大眼睛;Big Eyes Adan

Michico : Almost every night, Adan told us to sleep, he always using this eyes~
(很誠懇~) 阿丹:姨姨、大仔,十一點快要半了,去睡覺吧~~
(So sincere) Adan : Michico, Arion, it's almost 23:30, go to bed~
如果你這時候跟他玩玩具,他也是無動於衷,他就是要叫大家該睡了~ 當然他開始走出來走到你旁邊,你也會立即明白要關電腦了。
If you want to play toy with him at this moment, he doesn't want to, he just want you to go to bed~ When he starts walking next to you, you will totally understand have to turn off the computer.
Adan : Sleeping is very important, everyone has to love their kidney~


andophiroxia said...

Emy gives me those big eyes when she wants to be fed... either that or make yuking noises.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

It is indeed important to rest huh Adan?!

Cat said...

Adan you big eyes are beautiful!!!

ABBY said...

I have a set routine at night too.
But Mom cannot go to sleep early I will keep her up.

Pierro said...

Adan-dan, you have very sweet and caring eyes. It is so good and such an honor to help your mom and dad and remind them about the importance of sleep!

bonks to you and to Lego too!!

m.q said...

Adan is your guardian angel :)


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