Thursday, July 8, 2010

生日暖壽文下-家人的愛;Adan with family members

Adan : Hey guys, if you have sometime tomorrow, please come over to have a nip party with me, it's gonna be a very very crazy birthday party, you know how nip works....
Michico : Yesterday we are talking about beanfriends' of Adan's, today, let us see Adan's bean-family members. Actually between Adan and Arion, while I began be friends with Arion 12 years old, Adan just have his 1 years old birthday, that old days, he met Arion already, after more than 10 years, while he and Arion live together become really family, they are really close together.
These photo were shooting during 2006~2008, Arion always very easily could carry Adan walking around, Adan never run and not hiss, he let Arion pet him, he rub Arion, I guess because Adan really likes Arion and because Adan loves me so he also like Arion very much.
No matter ill, or healthy, winter or summer, this friendship between them is very strong.
Right now Arion also could use Adan's fur washing face, hahaha~~
Drinking eating also need Arion's pet, still now.
If they together on the sofa, they cuddle.
Winter, they warm each other.
Last year while Adan first time to the new house, Arion show Adan around.
Last year when Adan's anal sac broke to the vet, Arion stay close to Adan and encourage to him.
Even very very big collar for dog use (because Adan was too flexible he can groom the ill part even wearing the normal collar), Arion comfort him.
Because of Adan, Arion understands cats well, because of Arion, Adan is optimistic now.
The photo of below is the one I love the best, seeing Adan's face you can understand he actually really happy but he doesn't want to show that much.
And about my dad, because he lives at China doesn't stay at home that much, even he knew Adan for 13 years but not that close, so many funny things between he and Adan.
Grandpa always force Adan lots of things, I guess it is reasonable force, but even Adan didn't like it he can't fight it.
He just have to stay in Grandpa's arms no matter how he wanna escape. Hahaha~~
So, still, need Grandpa's taking care.
And my elder sister Pamilla, who adopted Adan, Adan's mommy, right now she also lives at China, but she loves Adan for always.
Pamilla doesn't like camera's so I have to avoid her head while I photo.
But she loves Adan always the best.
Next time while Mommy come back, and meet again.
And my younger sister - Toshie, before getting married.
After getting married.
And have baby in the belly...

And the really baby came out, Adan has been though Toshie's lots of changes.
Finally me, This is the photo while Adan was 4 months old, he loves staying with me.
Still now.
I sleep-Adan sleeps, I watches TV-Adan sleeps, but stick together~

Thanks for Adan a lot, staying with me as well, I hope everyone loves seeing these days introducing Adan's great history, tomorrow the nip party will be wonderful~!


andophiroxia said...

What about those GUUUUUU noises, Adan?

Brian said...

Those were really fun pictures and I'll be by tomorrow...would not miss a Nip Party for your special day Adan!

SASS....Sammy Andy Shelly Sierra said...

Wonderful pix!!!!!!!!! We plan to be here for Adan's 13th birthday......Sammy was excited to see that Adan was only 4 months older than he is!!!!!!!

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Goodness Adan! Look at your big family! You are very lucky to be loved so much!

Angel Simba said...

It is great to see all these family history pictures of Adan. He REALLY does not look like a 13 year old cat! He looks so much younger and that is a good sign.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Those are lovely photos of Adan's family. We will be back for the nip party.

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