Saturday, September 4, 2010

香香的衣服;Laundry is smelling great

阿丹:別說,我要趁姨姨還沒回來前小瞇一下,好舒服啊~! 太陽的味道,好香。
Adan : Shhuuuu~~~ Don't tell, I want to take a nap before Michico came back, the smell of sunshine is great~
This gap is really perfect for me~!!


andophiroxia said...

I know. I washed mine today and she was all over that.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I love the smell of laundry in the morning...

Cat said...

I am assuming that you are referring to dirty laundry because it smells so good of our humans. Right? Because though clean laundry is nice, the best laundry a cat with any sense and dignity would love to sleep in is dirty laundry. I'm right, aren't I. Your pal, Lautrec

Pierro said...

warm clean laundry is the best. It smells like mom and dad, but now very clean

bonkbonk Adan-dan

Brian said...

It is always fun to help with the laundry!

Cat said...

Adan looks totally blissed out!


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