Wednesday, October 27, 2010

拜訪貓藝家;Cat Art House at TaipeiCity

小芥:看完河馬貓友的部落格 - 初訪貓藝家之後,就打定主義一定要來這裡,因為這裡有四隻『阿丹貓』,也就是燕尾服貓 = 賓士貓。結果在後母的一個提議下,寒冷的秋天的東北季風的溫度中,來到這個溫暖的小地方。
貓藝家 療癒茶館 官方部落格:
Michico : According to one of my cat friends in Taiwan, introduced a Tea house with 4 tuxedo cats, and I made a decision to visit this lovely tea house. 4 "Adan cats", how tempting!!! I have to been there. So, last night under very soggy and chilly weather, I been there - Cat Art House.
Quiet peaceful outlook, soft gentle yellow light, makes my heart warm.
脫鞋進去後,茶館主人Sara 會指引您噴酒精在雙手,引領你入席,就可以跟貓有親密的接觸了。
After took off the shoes, the host of Cat Art Tea House will tenderly give you little spray of Dilution ethyl alcohol, and leads you to the seat, and you can pet the cats in store. 
There is a little board telling you the names of 4 tuxedo cats.
The love to the cats for many years, the host also collect lots of very beautiful art pieces years by years.
Very handsome Bu.
The business card of the host.
The Menu.
With another cute tuxedo Rara, Gina and her husband David doesn't feel cold at all.
Full of art painting at this beautiful space.
 I was also dizzy by Bu's charming and cordial greeting.

下面這位是小女生香香 以迷迭香命名。她剛做完結紮手術。
 The photo as below is a very adorable girl cat named Rosemary. She just finish her Ligation surgery.
Seeing Gina's husband-David played with 4 "Adan cats" really makes my eyesight giddily, hahaha~~~

第四隻小公貓 - 阿薰,以薰衣草來命名。
 The 4th boy tuxedo, named  Lavender.
 And another cat friend- Miss Anna left the work also join us.
 Beautiful Rosemary.
可愛的小男生 - 阿薰。
Handsome Lavender~
這是貓藝家的主人Sara 和她最愛的拉拉。Sara真的是個很的店主人一直跟你分享很棒的貓咪心得,一直到現在回想起來都還很溫暖呢。祝福貓藝家溫暖的、永續的經營下去,這真的是個很了不起的工作呢。
This is the Host of Cat Art House, Sara and her favorite cat- Rara. Sara is an amazing great host, by the time you walk into the store you can immediately feel the warm and friendly from her, even now I think of her, still very genial feeling from the bottom of my heart, I hope everything is good for her and have good business of this house. She is doing a great job.

貓藝家 Cat Art Home 療癒茶館 四隻賓士貓陪伴的美妙體驗 (圖多,loading請等候)


andophiroxia said...

So many Adan look-alikes!

Cat said...

What a wonderful place! Thank you for showing it to all of us :-)

Cat-in-Sydney said...

OMG! This place is so COOL!!! If I go to Taiwan, purrrlease take me there.... purrr....meow!

後母 said...



KK from Vancouver said...


Karen Jo said...

What a wonderful place to visit! Thank you for sharing it with us.

Jemma the Chihuahua said...

Very cute tuxedo cats. At first glance, I thought one of them was Adan!


Kea said...

WOW! This store is totally pawsome! There's nothing, absolutely nothing, like it in our area. Anywhere. Just fabulous!

The Chair Speaks said...

What a lovely place to tea in. :)

Daisy said...

Ah, my Mommeh wishes she could visit there! I love Rosemary's sweet face.

ABBY said...

All tuxie all the time -- we love it. Momma would be crazy in a place like that with all of those tuxie.


Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Oh Michico!!!! That is a lovely place. Wish there were places like that here ;)
Those kitties look so much like Adan especially Bu !!
We enjoyed these pictures!
Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

Anonymous said...

好像tuxedo cat都比較友善親人。


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