Sunday, September 30, 2007

由衷期盼大家都健康快樂,Sincerely hope Sunday

Please sending your purrrs and pray for Miss Peach, Caesar and Princess , Dragonheart, Pixie, Storm and Yoggie's Momma~! Thank you~!!!!! They need our strength~!
最近有好多貓咪生病了,是因為天氣轉換嘛 ? 真的好令人擔心,台灣的貓咪們,還有可愛的嚕嚕以及喜姆,還有貓媽咪們,希望你們不要生病,阿弟的媽咪不知道病好一點了沒,希望快點痊癒,一起來感受美麗的秋天吧,這個世界沒有你們的笑容,變得沒有色彩了~!!!


Shohom67 said...

Hi Adan and Michico!

I wanted to send you an email, but since I couldn't figure that out I'll say it here.

Adan's Everyday has been chosen as our newest Cat Blog of the Week at flickr Group "Really HUGE Cats/Really Cute Kittens and Cubs"!

Everyweek I try to post one or two cat related links on our Groups home page, for members to enjoy. The Cat Blog of the Week was my first idea.

I love your cat blog Adan (and Michico)!

Your friend
>^. .^< Dan

Rosie & Cheeto said...

oh adan, this is such a grate powst and so nice of yoo to yell at the dizzeses and illnesses! Yoo are so awesume!

MoonSun11 said...

I've liked last picture so much, it's really so creative :))

Anonymous said...

Hi Adan,

Me and mom are praying.We love our friends and want them to get well.

Mickey said...

Adan,that is a very nice way to show that you care for all the sick cats.We wish all sickness would go away!
It would be nice for all cats to be happy and healthy. Take cate of yourself and Michico rtoo.

andophiroxia said...

Oh those diseases will be scared now! :0

Monica said...

Hi Michico. I'm so glad that you are chasing away those illnesses. I hate it when my friends are sick.

I am adding you to the Pablo Fan Club member list because you have clearly demonstrated that you are a fan of Pablo's. You can find the club pledge on my blog side-bar. Welcome!

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Oh, my! We didn't know that so many friends are ill. We have not been visiting much lately. Thank you for letting us know.


Chairman Mao said...

What a wunnerful post, Adan. We are purrin' and purrayin' for efurryone to get well -- we are so sorry that our furriends aren't feelin' well.

You are such a great furriend to efurrykitty!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Anonymous said...

Awwww, Adan and Michico, that's such a sweet post. I'm joining you in purring for all of our friends.

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

Thank you dearest friends Adan and Michico for loving me so very much and sending me your healing purrrrs and purayers. I have eaten my dinner and drank some water. Mommy puts me in my litterbox and I go pee, then I scratch the carpet and headbunk her. I purrr as she puts me back into the frying pan. I hope she still likes me after I put a hole in her thumb...she should be faster with that pill thing!
Love Peachy

Lux said...

You are such a good friend to cats, Adan, and an enemy to illnesses! I will join you in wishing bad things away from my friends!

Daisy said...

Adan, you are a very nice friend to have. Sickness is a Bad Thing. But I think the sicknesses will be very scared and run away when they see your last picture! You are very brave. I showed Pixie your post and it made her smile and purr.

Dragonheart said...

Oh, thank you Adan! :) I appreciate your thoughts. I hope all of our friends who aren't feeling well will be better soon.

Honey P. Sunshine said...

adan you are furry funny and thotful

Caesar and Princess said...

This is a nicest most thoughtFULL bloggie you made, Adan!

We are feeling the same way: Get Out bad things that make you feel icky!

Today it is sunny here and mommie baked a cake.

You are such great and sweeeet friends, Adan and Michico!

<3 <3 <3 <3

小烏賊 said...


小烏賊 said...


『哈~~~』 GET OUT!!

The Furry Fighter said...

this is such a thoguhtful and sweet post Adan...i really appreciate you chasing the illness nad bad feelings away! everyone's purrs means so much to me and my Meowmie. I haven't been sick today so I think your attack worked!!! :-)
i will join you in purring for all my other friends who feel ill or sick...LOUD PURSS for all!
love from your friend Storm! x

Eric and Flynn said...

Adan you are so sweet to make this post to wish all the ill kitties better health. You are sure to frighten the illnesses away with your ferocious face in the last photo.
Congratulations for being cat blog of the week for the Flickr group.

Chen & Ollie said...

Adan, you are such a sweet and good friend. We love your sentiments to make all the icky sicknesses go away. We posted about Miss Peach today and then later realized we didn't post about Dragonheart when he needs our prayers now too. And, THEN we saw your post and remembered all the kitties we should be sending our hearing purrs and prayers to...
You are a good friend, Adan!
Mr. Chen & Ollie

Mosaic Cats said...

Adan, you are a VERY GOOD Exorcist!
We admire how you command illness and disease to:
Your eyes have always let us know how powerful you are.
Please just keep using your powers for GOOD!

Henry Helton said...

Wow, Adan, you really mean business, don't you. I gasped at that last picture! You are scary.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Adan for the purrs for my female human. She really appreciates that. Lots of cats are ill right now. Winter is coming soon. I hope that everone is recovering soon.
I loved that 'Get out!' picture a lot. I think that has to help.

TT said...

That is so nice of you Adan and Michico. I am purrings with you.

Mimi said...




Karen Jo said...

I am joining you in wishing that all our cat and human friends feel better soon. I think you really scared the diseases with your roar.

michico 小芥 said...

由衷希望您早日康復~! 有機會可以做全身建檢, 是滿貴的不過可以快一點找到病因...也挺擔心您的~~~加油呢!!!

Anonymous said...

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