Wednesday, August 6, 2008

我住的城市;My City - Taipei

Michico : Last night, after work, I carry my Camera & Tripods rushing to a hill very near my office, the hill is just behine the nearest station by my home. I hurry went to the top observatory and started shooting my city. Because last night the weather was great. And here are the photos I like sharing with you. The city I live - Taipei is a basin, there are lots of mountains and hills around Taipei. I like it, because it's easier for us to watch our city from the top. And it's beautiful!
Michico : If I want to see the place I live, just go to the top of hill, I can easily do some exercise and have great view. If Taipei is peneplain then I have to use helicopter to watch it's beauty. So basin is good for me, for Taipei.
Michico : Last night, this hill is very quiet. I breath with my City. Later, an old men join me for photoshoot. I think I like this feeling, at here, you will never alone while you are shooting, there is always someone on your interest path.
Michico : Actually this is the south side of Taipei, next time I will shoot the north side of Taipei, and you can see the house that I live. And also have Adan and Lego there~!
Michico : I will be photo another side soon, just waiting another great weather~! I hope you all like these photos~!
Michico : How about our little baby Adan, well. He is not happy, but I check very carefully, his manhood is not bleeding anymore and he is doing ok. It's really a small trauma. These days I will force Adan drinks more water, it will be good for him, too.
Michico : See how unhappy he is? I feel bad about it as well, but I have to let him wear this collar for few days~!
Michico : Cute lovely Adan-dan, please get well soon. I am here all be with you!!!


慢慢仙 said...



andophiroxia said...

Aw Adan-dan. 'Tis but a scratch. You'll go ahead and get over it soon. Be patient.

Poor guy.... I feel so sorry for you...

William said...

Michico, what beautiful photos of your city! You are very talented! Taipei looks wonderful.

Adan, I am so sorry you got an injury from your collar! Poor boy...but at least Lego will not be able to tease you for a few days. Feel better!

後母 said...



橘子媽媽 said...



Skeeter, LC, and Ayla said...

Adan, please do without the collar soon!

玉山 said...


Lux said...

I'm glad you're okay, Adan - or will be soon.

Michico, those pictures of your city are so lovely. Really enjoyed them.

DC said...



Gandalf and Grayson said...

Taipei looks quite beautiful, Michico! What is that huge skyscraper?

Poor Adan, a few more days, buddy!

Evie/VampyVictor said...

Poor Adan, wez hope he gets better very quickly :)

goldenshade said...

Beautiful shots of your city! What a view!!!!

Hope Adan is on the mend!!!

Purrs Goldie

DEBRA said...

Those were beautiful pictures of you city! Oh yes so beautiful. Poor Adan I can't blame him for being upset but it is the best thing for him right now, we are glad he is getting better every day.


edward said...

i'm really impressed that you climb a mountain and have a tripod to get these very very beautiful pictures.

poor Adan. i would not like to wear such a collar.

joyce said...


Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

It always amazes us that we have friends who live in such diverse areas of the world. Your home is certainly beautiful! Lovely photography as well.

Come on Adan, just a few more days!


Cat Street Boyz said...

Poor Adan, you sure look unhappy...can't blame you that collar doesn't look comforting at all. You are gonna need more cuddling time. Mommy put an order into Foster & Smith for a soft blow up collar in case we ever needed one. Our Spoo, Luke, bumped his head collar into a doorway and cut his neck. He had surgery to remove cysts. Toy was the last to wear a collar home from the vets.....then the he went crazy so mommy took it off and patted some lemon juice near his stitches so he left the area alone. Please give Adan a big hugg from=^Y^= the Cat Street Boyz

You city photo's are so Beautiful!!!!

PB 'n J said...

Michico those are absolutely beautiful pictures - Taipei is lovely!

We hope Adan gets better soon, we're purring for him!

The Crew said...

Your pictures of Taipei are just beautiful.

Adan, we hope you'll soon be back to your old self and the horrible lamp shade collar will be gone.

Tybalt said...

What beautiful pictures, Michico!

Poor Adan - feel better soon!

Mr. Echo said...

Yur city lites look so much briter and witer than city lites in America. Do yoo use LED or florescents? City lites in America look a bit yellow. Taipei is pretty!

Get well soon Adan! Yoo will furget the collar soon.

Daisy said...

Your city really is beautiful! It looks kind of magical.

I am very glad that Adan is getting better.

Sunny's Mommy said...

Your city is beautiful at night. Those are wonderful photos!!

That is good that Adan is not bleeding anymore. Just a few more days and that dreaded collar can come off :-)

Tazo said...

Michico, those are lovely photos. Mama wishes that we had some place like that where she could look out over a city. And she wishes she had a tripod. hee hee

Adan, we sure hope you feel better soon. EG and I have both had conjunctivitis this summer and it's no fun. We hope your other spot feels better soon, too. :)

Eric and Flynn said...

Those are beautiful photos of your city Michico.
Adan we are glad you are not bleeding any more. We hope you are soon well enough to have the collar taken off.

Ariel said...

Very beautiful photos of your city.
I'm very glad Adan is getting better.

TT said...

Adan, I hope you feel better soon! It's no fun being sick, I know.

Mommy Bean

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