Sunday, July 19, 2009

破病兩貓;Not easy Sunday

至於樂高,也是,怎麼這幾天一直在跑廁所,我就想說他這麼愛喝水不會也是尿路有問題,結果才發現是拉肚子,挖哩,結果兩隻一起去看醫師,初步檢查糞便沒有寄生蟲,判斷應該是吃壞肚子,搞不好是他愛亂吃有的沒有的前幾天大仔才從他嘴巴裡搶救小強的頭,因為樂高把小強的頭咬到嘴巴去,是沒吃到肚子最噁爛的部分...現在兄弟兩個每天都要吃藥兩次拉 orz
Michico : First of all:
Adan's issue, he got "anal sac" inflammation, sometimes it happened on elderly cats and dogs, it makes me feel so bad looking at Adan licking that part for a long time, and quickly bring him to the vet.
And Lego's issue, he gets diarrhoea, the vet says there is no parasite inside his poo so it might be he ate wrong thins, I think it might because he just eat roach's head last started diarrhoea, who knows, anyway, 2 brothers right now has to take medicine twice everyday now....


andophiroxia said...

Poor Lego, maybe eating a roach's head is not a good idea.

Angus Mhor said...

Bleh! I do not think they should be kissin' each other...are anywhere NEAR each other-they might share!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh no! Both of you had to go to the vet. That is so sad. I am sorry.

Anonymous said...

Guys>?! what happened?! Your poor momma and dadda all worried for you BOTH?!
Mushka gots anal sac thingy when she was just about 2 years old, it was only smelly and yukky and went away on it's own.
We is gonna purrs lots and lots that you both are better in no time :))

アオソラ said...

=.= 樂高啊~~~ 小强ㄟ>"<~~ 不能吃啦!!

pughy said...

Oh no you poor boys. I think your mummy and daddy will be doubly worried. I am purring realy loudly for you. Please get well...

Hugs GJ xx

Princess said...

ewwww Lego. Bugs can give you a bug in your tummy.
Adan-dan, I hope your butt feels better soon. Gramma said "when you get older, it is always something"
I hope life gets boring again soon.

Love and purr

Deana said...

I'm sorry the boys aren't doing the best. I hope they will feel much better soon. I know it is stressful when a pet you love is sick. Sorry I haven't been around as much. Busy summer but I wanted to say hello to two of my favorite boys!

慢慢仙 said...


好好吃藥 快快好唷

Daisy said...

Problems with the pooper area are sure no fun at all. I hope you both are better soon!

Anonymous said...

不過破了 花好一陣子才康復
希望阿丹能夠早日康復 ^^

Eric and Flynn said...

We hope Adan and Lego both soon feel better.

mimi said...


Anonymous said...
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