Thursday, July 30, 2009

今天晚上要複診 -蜜月第四天雲霄飛車;Tonight I will be back to the vet - H Day4 exciting ONRIDE POV Cyclone

Adan: Tonight I will back to the vet let the doctor check my butt, if everything is ok, next Monday my cute butt will be free~ Please pray for me.
Michico : Next time I wrote about the honeymoon is on June 11th, godsh, I delay for a while~! Yes, last time I wrote that I hold Koala for a long long lucky time, and me and Arion order icecream and find what we will play.
This one I don't have dare to sit, the big giant drop.
But we did play some items as below:

Runaway Reptar Roller Coaster.
And pretending dead to photo~
That feet is fake, ok?

Oah My, I don't have dare to sit this. me and Arion only look and hear the scream.
但是我們有做一個轉兩次360的雲霄飛車,這是我生平第一次坐360度的雲霄飛車,那時候想,該屎的,都嫁給大仔了,經不起大仔的苦苦哀求要陪他一起坐,夫妻兩個一起去做吧。我沒有拍不過我有找到有人拍攝的影片。 But we did play "ONRIDE POV Cyclone " because Arion beg me to play with him. I only could say "alright..." this is my very first time sit 360 degree rolling in my life, Oah dear, I found a video on Youtube you can see what is that going on.

That night, we all went to visit their river side view, very beautiful.

然後晚餐我們吃很多海鮮,以及更多的甜點冰淇淋壓驚XD~ 轉那個實在太刺激了。整個蜜月就是大吃特吃冰淇淋,有夠肥。
And night, we ate lots of seafood, and lots of icecream and dessert. I guess my honeymoon is icecream week, I almost eat twice a day.

Finally we walk to the hotel from the restaurant, this is a high swing equipment, to offer people playing.


アオソラ said...

(頭香~~~~) 冰淇淋~~~~~~~~~~~~歐也要吃啦!!!!!!!

阿丹屁屁應該好多了吧?~~ 小姨姨遠方給你秀秀~~

andophiroxia said...

Tasty ice cream...yummmm...

後母 said...


Cheysuli and gemini said...

That looks like quite a fun to place to visit!

mimi said...


Princess said...

I would be screaming too! mom says she does not like going very high or spinning a lot or being upside down, It makes her sick. Ice cream is soooo good. I think we should have it every day too.
Adan, I hope your doctor visit id very good and your butt is getting better.
Love and purrs

Daisy said...

Adan, I am purring for your butt!

Junior and Orion said...

We are purring for you Adan!!!!

Michico and Arion.....Meowm says she wouldn't go on those rides for love or money! But she would eat the ice cream.... said...

Adan, your collar matches your eyes...get better little one!

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Adan,we cannot wait to see your cute butt ;) heehee Purrs to you buddy :)
Mom loves ice cream too!! Mmmmmmm!!
Sometimes we get a little bit too!
WE are happy Michico & Arion had some fun on their honeymoon!!!!!
We hope they are still having fun :)
Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

Tuxedo Gang said...

Too much scary rides for us!! But we like ice cream!! We will purrr for your behind to heal real fast Adan!!
From all of us at the Tuxedo Gang!
Tuxie Cats Rule!!

Gattina said...

Wonderful pictures ! what fun !
Good luck for Adan !

Anonymous said...



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