Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thank You so Much, MoonSun!!!!

Michico : Today, I got a very surprised package by MoonSun. Before at the Christmas season, she sent me a very beautiful made hand Christmas card (please click here, the first blue card). And she sent another hand made for me right after she knew I recieved her Christmas card.
I am so surprised that is a big package, very surprise~~ With my very surprised and exciting mood, I open the package~!
A very soft and lovely fragrance, and a card. Oah My, there is another beautiful handmade card by Moonsun~!! How amazingly beautiful~!!!
And I open that soft and fragrancely package, it's a scarf made by MoonSun!!!!!!!! OAH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!
So Beautiful!!!!!!!! Oah My Goddddd!!!!!!
I got so many presents, and I got this. I am really really lucky~~~ And I really lose my words, don't know how to describe my thankful feelings~~~
Thank you, MoonSun~!
It fits perfectly~!! And today our weather is really cold~!!! I can use it~!!!!! I will attend my classmate's wedding this Saturday. And I will wear the scarf to the wedding party. I will take the picture to show you!!!!
Here is a video that Adan loves the smell of scarf~!! Please enjoy~!!!
Thank you so so much again. When our Chinese New Year arrive, I will make the idea in my mind now~! Lots of Love and Hugs from us to you as well~!!!!



Arion said...


MoonSun said...

Waooov thanks lovely Michico :)) I am really so happy that you receive it at the end :)) I don't know how I can explain my feeling :)) I am really realy so happy :))
I am really glad that you like it, I just choose the color for you :))
I am really shocked :))
Adan is wonderful on the video, I think he likes the smell and flowers :))
I am thankful to have your friendship , it is really enough for me :))
Lots of kisses :))

note; I am not comfortable in english, I might not express my fellings but I am really so happy :))

Nermal, Nico, Virgil, and Maggie said...

What wonderful a present! It looks lovely on you, michico!

Mickey said...

WOW!!!!! That card and scarf are simply beautiful!!SunMoon is very talented. Michico,you will look so beautiful at the wedding.I hope you post a picture!
Purrs Mickey

andophiroxia said...

What a beautiful card and scarf Moonsun! I went to your blog and it had a lot of very nice things! I was wondering is that Turkish on your blog? I am sorry if I am wrong, but it looks like Turkish--for we have a store close by that sells stuff from Turkey and other parts of the Mediterreanean and the words look similar.

mimi said...


MoonSun said...

Yes you are right Andophiroxia, it's Turkish :)) Thanks for the beautiful thoughts about my stuffs :))

Michico, I don't understand your language, too :)) but, you know :) It doesn't matter for us :))
by the way I like to see wedding pictures, too :))

peggy said...


Tybalt said...

What a beautiful scarf! You look lovely in it, Michico.

Sunny's Mommy said...

Those are both beautiful :-) MoonSun is very talented.

Anonymous said...



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