Wednesday, July 16, 2008

阿丹的「貓跳台」- 上;Jumping "tower" in my room - part 1

Adan : People who came to see me all knew, there is a shelf in my room. I like staying the top spot and seeing down there. What am I looking at...?
Adan : Oah Brother....I like you watching me that concentrately, I am so happy.
Adan : Heey, don't get it wrong, I just check if you will attack my tail. Now I can relax a little bit. (It's very strange, as matter of fact, Lego doesn't like jumping sheer angle. Lego likes jumping for toys yes, but he when he meets furniture, he likes finding some spots as stairs to climb or short distance jump on)

Lego : Oah...I finally got here, I think my brother doesn't find out...
Adan : come my back feeling no right?
阿丹:吼~~ 我就知道是你~~~
Adan : I knew it's you!

Lego : Oah...Adan brother, can you just like Mommy pull me up? She always hold me at your topest shelf, but I can't jump by myself, how do you do that?
Adan : It's very easy, just at the place you looking up to me directly jump, you will be here. Can't you do it?
Lego : But it's so so high, I can't jump it. I only can "CLIMB" to the shelf lower to yours, and see if I could climb up.

Adan : You ARE very strange kid, Lego. While I was young, I can jump directly from the floor to 3 meter height's book shelves, this is only 1 meter, don't you give it a try? Many friends ask me to protect my joints, and I jump it everyday, now your joints is perfectly young, but you don't practice?
Lego : No...I don't want to jump...just pull me up brother, pull me up!!
Michico : Recently I have been thinking very hard to think how to let Adan go to the topest shelf without damage his joints, I was looking for many shelf but none of them fit in my room. Still looking for... But last night I made my shelf a little bit change, will Adan like it? Please continue see tomorrow's post :) This is the sky view from my office window, I think it's beautiful and wanna sharing with you.
這是天空鏡頭稍微拉近一點,點大就是1024 * 768的桌布喔。希望你們喜歡。
Click larger will be 1024*768's wallpaper, I hope you all like it!


玉山 said...


andophiroxia said...

Pretty sky!

Lego looks so goofy climbing up, and even though Adan is much older, he goes up no problem.

Lego had better practice....

Angus Mhor said...

Adan is very patient with his brother, Lego, to help him climb up on the shelf. It is very important to protect Adan's joints, and maybe some steps of furniture would be helpful..floor to couch to shelf? Or something like that.

Mickey said...

Adan!! You will have peace for a while as long as Lego is too small to jump!! That is how you van get away from him :) heehee
I like those clouds too!! Awesome!!
Purrs Mickey

後母 said...


慢慢仙 said...



DC said...



Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Adan, you look good on your shelf. Lego is a silly boy, not wanting to jump up. We both love to jump! :)

有二隻貓的雪倫 said...


cat_aunty said...

Yes, Sharon is right, let Adan try Glucosamine with chondroitin.

Daisy said...

Lego, you are a little bit silly! I am sure you can jump up there if you just tried your hardest.

Those clouds look pretty!

Princess said...

Lego will make it up there with pracitice, I am sure of it!

Caesar jumped onto high places even in his last days with us here. Mom was always worried that he would fall and break his hip or worse!. She made steps with chairs and boxes for us. I do not enjoy climbing anymore.

You are a very sweet brother Adan-dan.
Love, Princess

edward said...

i am learning to jump and climb too-- it takes time. i love your big magical looking pretty clouds,

i think adan can take a good nap while Lego comesto play with me for awhile ok?

DEBRA said...

I think you are so wonderful to Lego and you are very patient and kind with him. He obviously loves you a lot and it shows in his devotion to you....


Gattina said...

Lego the mountain climber, lol ! The sky pictures are beautiful ! I love these fluffy skies !

mimi said...

樂高掙扎著要上平台的樣子很可愛, 我猜想他應該有幾次失手吧,哈哈~


TT said...

Lego you are getting so big so fast! Adan, you are a great big brother to him by letting him share your spot.

Jimmy Joe said...

Wow, that sky is just stunning, buddies. Adan, I am so sad that I missed your birthday. It looks like you had a great time and got lots of super presents. I hope that Lego's jumping skills improve with you as his teacher!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

shannon亦軒 said...


Queen Snickers and Empress said...

I'm sure Lego will be jumping in no time! -- Those clouds are beautiful!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Lego, you are so cute trying to get up with your brother. That is so sweet. Adan, enjoy your shelf alone while you can, I think you'll have company soon!

What a pretty sky.

Beethoven said...

Your Mummy has a very nice view from her window!
Oh Adan, you can let Lego come over and stay with me for a while, then I'll teach him how to jump! I can jump higher than the Giant Kitty now!

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

That sky is amazing!!

I jump vertically too Adan. Doesn't hurt my joints and I'm pretty sure my humans couldn't stop me. I think some cats are just better and more comfortable at jumping. It might have something to do with Lego wearing a protector on his neck for so long. Latte wore one for a couple of months as a kitten and he's not a good jumper at all.


Gandalf & Grayson said...

Hey, we've got the perfect idea! Grayson's favorite thing is a Ladder! That will help Lego get to the top and it will help Adan, too!

Lux said...

Love your clouds!

That is the coolest shelf - Adan & Lego are makin' me want one!

`°*ஜღ Moka ♥ღஜ*°´ said...

dear Lego, i' m sure that you learn to jump very soon... never stop try!!!

that sky is so amazing.... it makes me dream.... you are very lucky viewing this sky every day...

kisses, Moka

Eric and Flynn said...

Belated happy birthday Adan and Michico. We are sorry we missed both birthdays.Adan is a very good jumper. I (Flynn) like to jump too. Eric jumps, but not as high as me.

The Cat Realm said...

It is wonderful to see you two play with each other - and that sky is gorgeous!!!




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