Thursday, December 31, 2009

最後一天依舊欠扁;The last day still very owe beaten

小芥:昨晚看到這個又無言了 XD~
Michico : Well, last night, this was happened again, heehee~~

小芥:我想這就是打打鬧鬧過年的意思~! 大家新年快樂喔!!!
Michico : I guess this is meaning wrestling until next year~!! Happy New Year everyone!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

來自阿丹和樂高的新年禮物!!! NEW YEAR GIFT From Adan & Lego!!!!

Michico : Yesterday I have reported to everyone, that Adan gave me a very sweet Christmas gift, made me so touched, and yet, Last night, 2 kids gave me a New Year's Gift, let me almost cheer, can you tell what gift that is?
Guess and guess, can you tell what that is~~?



Scroll down your page!!





阿丹 和 樂高靠在一起在同一張椅墊啊!!!我地嘛!!!
Adan & Lego cuddle on the same seat!OMG!!

Adan : Please don't be that surprised, I am here first.
Lego : It's too cold to wrestle, mommy, so we decide to cuddle~
小芥 Michico: 別解釋了...Don't explain...
小芥:你們兩個小可愛,小親巧,好棒喔 ~!
Michico : You 2 little cutness, darlings~~ So great~!!
See? New Year? New view!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

十二年半來的第一次;the very first time for 12 and a half years

Michico : Guess, everyone, guess what Christmas gift Adan gave to me? At 28th night, Adan climbed on my lap and sleeped on it! This is the very very 1st time for 12 and a half years. Adan used to sleep on my chest while he was 1 months old to 6 months old, but he has never ever slept on my lap or belly. But, at Sunday night, he silently climbed on my lap and fall into sleep, his nose and face into my arm, so close and dearly. A very slient night, a very quiet movement, but my heart was surging and warming.
小芥:就這樣,我還特別請大仔悄悄的幫我拍,因為阿丹是很容易受一點影響就走掉的。一直等到阿丹非常放鬆了,大仔才偷偷的把這12年半來的第一次,給她拍下來。真是不可思議,好感動~!! 睡到手手還伸出來哩~~ 丹丹~~ Happy齁~~~
Michico : And, I also especially asked Arion photo this magical moment, because Adan is very easily walked away by any different sound and strange happen, I waited and waited until he really full into sleep totally, and asked Arion shoot this view that has never happened before. And he even reach his arm outside my lap, meaning he was really relax. Adan-dan, you are just adorable.
Butta...not very smooth by Arion's hug, hee hee hee~~
阿丹:讓我走讓我走~~ 我的姨姨在哪裡~~~

Arion : Adan, I am so jealous, let me hug you for a while~~
Adan : Let me go, let me go, where is my Michico!!!!

Adan : That is odd, how come the person becomes to Arion, I want my Michico.
小芥:2009年快要過完了,抱抱你愛的人,有多久你沒有擁抱你愛的生命了?去抱抱他們喔~! 告訴他們:「2009年有你,真好。」丹,2009年有你,也真的很好呢。本年度最後一天,來PO的我愛的人事物大擁抱好了:D~~
Michico : 2009 is almost finished, hug the one you love, and tell them :"How wonderful you are around at my 2009~" . Adan, I am also grateful you are around another year, I love you, too. I think I will post hug article at the end of this year, hee hee~~

Monday, December 28, 2009

玩具也要吹暖氣;My toy also need heat!

Michico : These white and gray mice, are given from Boy 3 years ago's to Adan for Christmas, but Adan never really touched it, only sniff at the first day. 2 Years ago, while I adopted Lego, I brought these mice to picked Lego home with, from that moment, these mice are the closet friend to Lego.
Lego : Me warm, my mice warm, too.
Lego : Micey, you feel warm? I let you sit at the middle of the seat, the best spot.
Michico : No matter where Lego goes, he always hold mice by his teeth around, if Lego asks you for something, the mice will show up at your door.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


阿丹:世界上最幸福的事情就是 ...
Adan : The happiest thing in the world is....
Adan : Kiss by the woman I love...
Adan : And the woman who kisses me also love me!
Adan : This is Happiness, I am happiness.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

現在呢 what now ?

Adan : What? It's over Christmas, what now?
Adan : Wowww.... so hard to think this question....
Adan : Oah Yes!! New Year is really close!!
Adan : Ok, I decide, let's preparing for the New YEAR'S Eve & New Year!!
Lego : What is Adan brother thinking about?

Friday, December 25, 2009

聖誕小貓 & 樹樹;Fashion Friday : 2 Christmas cats & Trees

樂高:嘿 ~! 葛格,你看我戴聖誕帽可不可愛?
Lego : Hey Adan brother, am I adorable?
Adan : Sorry, I just see your belly....
Adan : It's Christmas, so we have to love each other today.

Adan : Today, we are very cute Christmas cat, are we cute?
Lego : I am cuter.
Lego : Adan always pretends cute, but I also could plus some points, see my Christmas hat could stand up.

Adan : I am a very good model, I won't move when I wearing the clothes or hat~
聖誕快樂~~ Merry Christmas everyone!
Adan : There are more Christmas Trees that Michico and Arion went photoing last night, PLEASE CLICK LARGER TO SEE AND The photo effects are more beautiful.

Wish all of you have a wonderful holiday season~!


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