Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Lego : Mommy....
Lego : Ok, I am relax now~~~
阿丹:欸欸欸~~~ 幹麻我要跟這小子湊一起!!
Adan : Hey hey hey!! Why I have to get this close with this kid!!!
Michico : At least someone has great mood~~ And that is ME~ Oah Yeah~~!

龍年卡終於畫完;那是什麼聲音;The new year card finally done; What's that voice?

Michico : The DragonYear card finally finish the painting, right now I am preparing to print~ See if I can mail to you next week. Sorry for let you waiting~  And I am getting few friend's New Year card already, THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
Lego : When Mommy is helping us the dragon year card doing the finally adjustment, there is something weird sound out there!
What is that sound anyway???!?!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

繼續大亂鬥;The battle round N keeps going on!!!

Adan : Give me a Kiss, brother~
樂高:吃我的毛吧~ 你這屎老頭~
Lego : Eat my furrr, you old man!!
Adan : You this huge butt calling me old man, don't you know I am R.E.D.(Retired Extremely Dangerous), too?
Lego : You better be!
Adan : You are so dead now!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mancat Monday

Michico : HEY!!!YOU TWO!!!

悠閒週日;Easy Like Sunday

我和奶奶玩得很開心~~ 妳們今天有美好的一天嗎?
Me and Grandma have a great time on Sunday, how about you?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

我沒有要吃;I don't want to eat

我可沒有要吃番茄~ 請給我鮪魚謝謝~
I don't want any tomato, please give me tuna thank you! Or the turkey~~ 

Friday, November 25, 2011

週末拉~ TGI Friday~

Lego : Today is Friday, so we are ready to be HAPPY~ Do you have enough turkey? Make sure eat some more!!!
Michico : Hey stinky Lego-go, when are you unhappy?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

端莊高;so dignified

Michico : Hey, Lego, you look like a gentleman.

Lego : ... ...
Lego : I have great dignified today, and I can't talk much, if I did, I won't be this elegant anymore~

拜訪夏儂夫婦;Visiting Shannon & her babies

星期天去拜訪夏儂夫婦,她們的第一個小孩剛滿兩個月吧~ 帶了誠心的小小心意下去,除了我妹,應該是第一個為了看小貝比而從台北動身到高雄的好朋友~ 謝謝夏儂讓我延後一個月的造訪,讓我可以兩個地方的活動都可以兼得~~~ 下面第一張阿勒,我加了「萌」這是可能會冒著被老公唸的風險加上去XD~ 因為阿勒是個非常有氣概的猛貓說,可是這張真的真的很萌ㄇㄟ~
 Last Sunday, I went visiting Shannon and her husband (Remember Shannon, please click here ), they just have their first human kid about 2 months old~ I brought my sincere blessing and little gift for them~
And they have 4 very handsome cats~
This orange+white cat is very easygoing, and treats guest very good~
He rubs every guest and makes every people feel like home~
These 2 boys are not really like each other, but they have a very unusual balance in this picture~

And little princess demonstrated how to stand up by 2 feet~
 太強了~ 我家要用食物才有辦法站,還不可能站得這麼直咧~~ 讓我想起小乃家的小老虎~
This is truly awesome, in my house, only food can make Lego stand by 2 feet, and not this straight~
And this very very shy tuxi-cat, we can only see each other at far distance, but I do think he is also very friendly~ 


And last, I put 2 photos only about their new born baby, the woman in this picture is Shannon's mommy.

超級大頭 + 高額頭的小兔,是個幸運的小傢伙~ 一出生就有四個哥哥姊姊陪伴你、照顧你幫你鎮著,你一定要平安、健康的長大,好好孝順父母還有愛你的外婆噢~
Hey, handsome big guy, you are a very lucky boy, you have 4 furry great brothers & sisters looking after you~ Wish you always healthy and happy growing up!! 

Monday, November 21, 2011

新鮮貓薄荷;Fresh Catnip takes good

好棒噢~ 聞起來好香~
This is lovely, and it smells great~

哇~ 這個好好吃噢~
Woww....and it tastes good!

What a lovely world~

What a smell makes me fly~

Thanks to Toshie auntie that giving us this great gift!

吸塵器;vacuum cleaner

When the vacuum monster comes out, this is what we look.

Actually we really know this thing won't catch us, but it's really scary to us, do you guys think so?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

阿嗲和我;Daddy and Me & Cat Art Sunday

 I am wondering why Daddy did this to me, but it really like the feeling of hugs~
But....too tight!!

And what about Mom? She is painting~


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