Wednesday, August 31, 2011

邪惡的媽;Evil Mom

Michico : For training Lego's abdominal muscle, I make him doing sit-ups, and if there is anything could let him sit-ups, only food~
樂高:噢媽咪~ 這個好香噢~
Lego : Oah Mommy, this is smelling so great!
Give me give me give me that!!! (Lego is sitting up~)
I got it!!!!
= = =
Michico : I guess I am too evil, hahaha~~

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

貓愛瓦楞紙;Cat loves corrugated paper

Actually the thing we like is really simple and easy, one of our favorite is corrugated paper, we don't need expensive stuff and we could have comfy and fun time~

Monday, August 29, 2011

颱風上班日;Typhoon day but working day

 Typhoon is coming but mommy and daddy has to work, so hard~!
But.... for my stomach hee hee~ Mommy and daddy, I am cheering for you!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

颱風要來的星期天;Typhoon is coming Sunday

小芥:我們即將有一個今年第一個襲擊台灣的颱風了~! 昨晚和大仔去散步,看看天色~
Michico : We are going to have our first typhoon which is directly coming to Taiwan, last evening me and Arion took a walk to see the skys~

天色真的很漂亮~ 是颱風來臨之前獨有的顏色~
The sky was really beautiful, it is the very special color when Typhoon is about to be coming~
The new baby street cats are very curious about the Typhoon~
And my neighbor cats is really easy about Typhoon~
He has been throw so many typhoons before~

Wish everyone is safe!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

不一起看鏡頭;Not see the lens together

 Adan sees the lens, Lego doesn't~
And when I focus on Adan, Adan doesn't look at the lens, but Lego does~
喂~ 你們兩個就不能同時看鏡頭嗎?
Hey! Don't you just look at the lens together? 

Friday, August 26, 2011

你在看我嗎?Are you looking at me?

Michico's vacation almost end, but we are hanging around together and feel very warm~!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

吃魚貓、吃蝴蝶貓;Cat eats fish, cat eats butterfly

Michico: Yesterday morning me and Dad went to a friend's place to see his fish pool, seeing his fishes for sell,.
The number of fishes are large, a pool has more than 2000 fishes~

But the funniest part is, there has cat, too~ If there is any fish that my friend doesn't want, it will be cat's lunch~
The cats in mountain are totally different from the cat in the city~

They had the best material for scratching board~!

And has very different foor, too!
這隻小淑女抓了一隻蝴蝶 ~
This lady caught a butterfly~

And that butterfly became her snacks~

And I think that is yummy~
Wish all of you have a wonderful day~~

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


 Yesterday I went visiting Tommy, he is a handsome white guy, and this is the look while winter~
 And, now the look of summer~!
湯米的爸爸媽媽是英文老師,所以湯米也會聽得懂英文喔~! 湯米,很榮幸認識你喔~!
Tommy's daddy and mommy are both English teacher, so Tommy understands English very well, Nice to meet you, Tommy!

不准用;You may not use

I am protecting Michico's bag~
It's summer holidays, the bag also needs to be rest~

The bag doesn't go out, Michico won't go out either, I am smart, right?

Monday, August 22, 2011

悠閒星期一;Mancat Monday

Adan : This week is Michico's summer vacation, isn't it great? It's once a year, and always at summer. Now, this week, I can see her at day light~!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

新北市藝術饗宴猴硐博物園區週末藝術秀;Cat Art Sunday-Cat Art Market

 Yesterday, in Taiwan a very famous cat village is having a cat art market, and I was helping a friend Malica to sell cat stuffs.
And here is Malica~

 還有好朋友 83~
And another good friend Baisy~

And this is me~

And remember the little cat I draw? It's for Yesterday's Cat Art market~

And it was a lot of kittens!! Wasn't it?

And here are all soap made by Malica own hands~
And this was other cat drawing by other store~
And good friend comes to support us!!

We have lots of great customers, too!!

And very very hot weather, too!!

三個顧攤子的小姐~ 這次的創意市集滿成功的 ~!
3 of us~~!! The Cat Art Market is very successful~


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