Wednesday, April 30, 2008

愛貓的心,永不止息;Can't stop loving cats

Michico : Before I went to Russia at April 12, I was invited to a birthday party of a cat names Dobby. Dobby's Mommy names Sandy, Sandy has 10 cats. Well, at that day, there are around 20 cat lovers to Sandy's house for held birthday party for Dobby, I want to show these photos to Adan's friends around the world, there are many many cat lovers here also in Taiwan!! Sometimes I told someone we help cat holding birthday party, those people just can't believe, they often think they even don't hold birthday party for themselves, how come we cat lovers hold party for cat? Chinese words saying about pets using very interesting words, they call pet 寵物,means : to spoil, dandle. That's why we held birthday party.

I gave Dobby a little collar, he likes it very much, and likes biting the little balls on the collar.

We love cats, so much love to hold a birthday party for them. it's not strange, we are a big loveing family, as long as we wants, they will have lots of parties~!

We love cats, next to them, we have the happiest smile of the all.

We love cats, so tender, so soft to hold them in our arms.

We love cats, even while we thinking other things, our hands won't stop petting them!

We love cats, this lady even wishes she could kiss all the cats around the world.

We love cats, as long as we could notice, every cats even hide at corner we could find them and give them our love petting~!

我們很愛貓咪,讓我們願意做貓咪的貓草藥頭,讓他們永遠high翻天。(來看一下後母家賣得超好的貓草墊,歡迎購買!!!) 也許台灣不是最愛貓的地方,但是我要讓我的外國朋友看到,我們正在努力,而且我們會讓更多人跟我們一樣愛護貓咪。
We love cats so much~! Seeing our friends loving cats so much, I believe could let Adan's friends around the world also could feel the love~!!! This is a cat loving city, we may not the best cat lover city, but we cat lovers in Taiwan are working very hard~!

The love for cats we have here, we can't stop and will never stop.
(Except the last photo, the others cats are belongs to Sandy, but I didn't put all 10 cats' photos, too many, hehehe~~)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

誰比較誠懇?Who is more sincere?

Adan : Who's expression is more sincere? This is Adan begging me hurry to sleep. Because I still read blogs, he wishes I could warm his bed. So lovely expression, I really sleep with him after doing this photo!

Michico : This is while Lego begging for food, because the bowl is totally empty~!!!! Certainly he is also hoping with could be with him soon~!!! Certainly we give him food immediately~!!! He is also very sincere, right?

Adan : Well, I think certainly I am more sincere, because my eyes are more bigger and beautiful.

Lego : whoever more sincere is not important, eating is much more important!
●●●●●●●●small notice ●●●●●●●●
Before went to Russia, Michico took a big order for her company, so right now she has to work until 20:30 everyday, so she may not have very much time visit everyone for me, only have a little free time before she sleeps. So...please try to understand, we will visit everyone as we could~!!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

不良新聞、甜蜜的男人和男貓;NG News, sweet man & mancat Monday

Lego : Hey Guys, am I looking adorable on this photo? However, I have a NG news have to share everyone. Yesterday, Pamilla was happily bringing me to the vet, though I will be remove the plate soon, and play with Adan. But, yesterday the vet said my fungus will be no problem in a week, I only need to take a medicine bath next week is ok, but Pamilla asked why my ears keep very dirty everyday, because Mommy and Pamilla keep cleaning my ears everyday but still dark everyday. And the vet using magnifier to exam, she said I have Otodectes cynotis!!! The previous doctor didn't find out, yesterday the lady vet was more careful, she even let Pamilla saw my ears by magnifer, Pamilla was almost faint, because the dark things in my ears are all Otodectes cynotis excrement!!

Adan : Whatttt? I also have chance to get Otodectes cynotis??!?!?!!!!! Mommy and Michico, don't you clean everyday everytime while you in or out of Lego's room????? OOOOoooooh!!!!Lego, you make me also need to go to the vet next few days, you are so out!!!!!!! Right now the room has to be clean more detaily~~~

樂高:嗚嗚,我也不願意啊,現在我還要打三個禮拜的針,天天都要滴藥了拉,唉~~~ 看來我要看到葛格我真的都變成成貓了。怎麼我的命運這麼坎坷啊~~~~~我的童年就在打針吃藥中度過了。
Lego : Wuuuuu.....I don't want that either, right now I have to take shot once a week for 3 weeks. And drops the medicine in my ears everyday.....Oah No.....It seems when I met my brother, I will be very big. How come my fate is so rough~~~ My childhood time will be spend at shots and medicine and vet~~

Adan : Last evening, Arion came to see me. Right now I am very familiar with him. Arion says I never ceremony to him right now, carrot-and-stick behavior all using on him. Oah Come On, we are just doing our mantalk, talking directly is our man's style ok? Yesterday while he came, I was having my beauty sleep. But I immediately woke up to talk to him.

Adan : See? Arion is holding a very big star - me! What a lucky person he is!!! Right now I am famous to Japan~!!!! Hugging me will have very very good Luck!!!! (I am on the Japanese cat website Nijiiro-Cat cover a week, 4/24~4/30)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

鴿子姊姊來了~!Surprise Sunday

Pigeon sister and I have a very lovely date early this morning~!

She is showing her beautiful shape to me~!

How lovely~!

I often stand different angle to see many kinds of flying dancing~!

My lovely pigeon sister is really a perfect creature!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Michico : To Russia, everyone buy Sovvenirs for sure. I think everyone know what Sovvenirs Are~! This time, I saw the most many sovvenirs of all is 20 in a doll, certainly very expensive, I don't have so much money, so I took photos of the little shop for memories.


Michico : Here is another shop, there are some cute art of cats. My boss kept telling me one of the cat art is very cute, I should buy it. I think it is cute but not That cute, so I also only took photos.


Michico : I can't afford the expensive Sovvenirs, but I found the cat version of Sovvenirs, and not too expensive (but even the smallest one, still need about US$10), so I bought it. One set of the Sovvenirs I will sent to my friends. So I put them out together and photo with Adan.


Lego : Pamilla, can I make for a Sovvenirs as well?
Pamilla : It's very difficult I think, Sovvenirs don't have such a big plate on the neck~!

Friday, April 25, 2008

(阿丹上日本貓網站封面!!!)隔離第45天 - 阿丹和樂高;Adan is on the cover!!!!SP-45 Adan and Lego

阿丹上日本貓網站封面 : 只有本週!!! 4/24 開始~!!!
Adan is on Japanese cat website cover, since April 24, only for a week~!! Congratulations to my super star Adan~!! go here to check!!
Lego : While Michico mommy back from Russia, she said I becoming a giant baby, am I? This is the photo before mommy go to Russia.

Lego : This is now, am I really getting too big?

Lego : Michico mommy even take the old photo of me that I came here first day comparing the look I am now, she says she adopted the left one, not the right one. Of course she is kidding. My fungus is almost gone, only a little tiny part at neck and armpit. I will see the VET next week, see if I could remove the plate, if everything is going well, I am gonna having a bacterin shot and I am going to meet Adan brother at May!!! I am almost free!!!!!

How about the star Adan : I am not changing a bit...Oah wait~! I think I am more handsome~!

Adan : Last night I am so calm, because Michico is back to me!

Adan : Michico, no more Russia ok? I want tagging after you anywhere~!

Michico : The first day I back, Adan nearly didn't sleep, he was sitting on my pillow - next to my head, while I was almost sleeping, he got into the cover cuddle next to me. And when I woke up yesterday morning, he sat on my pillow again. Very Very close to my follow me everywhere once I hold him, he will purr and purr, very very sweet. And last night he was much more calm and stable, he slept first on the little sofa, not wait for me to sleep, because he is very sure I am really home and be with him. So so touching my heart~!

Michico : For past 11 days, I really grateful for Pamilla and Arion. For requiring much attention to Adan and Lego. Pamilla always works late and she took care 2 babies, she is really amazing~! Arion really is super busy at work, but he still separate his little tiny free time went to my home clean Adan and Lego's litter box and add food while Pamilla can't able to reach home. I am so so thankful and grateful. Very hard to put my feeling at words, but I will always grateful for them. And very much thankful to all of you - Adan and Lego's friends in Cat Blogsophere~!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

俄羅斯之沙拉托夫的貓;Cat in Russia, Saratov

Michico : About this business trip in Russia, I shot around 2500 photos, When I look back these photos, I keep wondering what will Adan's friend want to see? Since everyone loves cats so much, so I have to photo some cats in Russia, so this time while I have any little free time, I keep looking for cats. Sadly, everyday is extremely cold, even 2 days we had snow there, I don't believe it will have cats walking outside, at very busy Moscow! I see none cats in Moscow, NONE!

Michico : I am very disappointed and sad, because while I watching TV during nights I saw many cats commercial, I am so sure there are cats in Moscow, but I see none. I met skinheads, I met some drunkards tried heating my companions, and many racial discrimination people, but none of cats outside, so I photo some cat commercials pictures from TV.

小芥:感覺很感傷,在充滿貓咪廣告的地方看不見貓咪,我還跟展會上幫我們俄中翻譯的小姐求證過,其實她們莫斯科大學的宿舍有養很多貓咪,我請她幫我照一些照片給我,不過目前我也沒有收到,我就覺得,我真的跟俄羅斯的貓咪沒有緣分了吧.... ,這麼冷的天氣我天天穿大衣,我想我也沒有理由請貓咪走在這樣寒冷的街頭。
Michico : I feel so so so sad, in this many cats commercial's country, I can't see a cat, I even require the translator on our booth ask her shooting their cats in Moscow university, because she says there are many cats at their dorms, but I didn't recieve the reply from her yet, I was so despair that I won't have any chance to see cats in Russia. I wore big coat everyday in Moscow, I think I have no excuses to ask cat wearing nothing walking on the street.... :(

Michico : And, we have to go other city. The city name is Saratov, it's a very beautiful city, Volga River there and sunshine all day, we took plane about 1.5 hour from Moscow, and visit a business cooperator there. There is a secretary with him, and I asked the secretary, and she said there are lots of cats there, so I kept looking for cats while they bring us walking on the street. After walking an hour....

I started screaming!!! A cat, a cat!!!!!

A tuxi cat!!!!!!!!!!!

So this is the cat in Russia that I thinking of everyday!!!

Michico : I was embarrassing to the other people, because we are coming here to have business, and everyone's position is higher than me, but I leave them behind to shoot this cat, because I wait for too long, I don't have anytime to switch the long lens, so I run acrossing the street and next to this cat shooting her.

Michico : Luckly, that day is tour day, so everyone didn't see me, they stopped waiting for me, this cat saw I running to her, also stopped waiting for me.

Cat in Saratov: Come, I let you photo me!

Michico : I really wanted petting her, but I don't have anytime. About I am so so touhed. This is the only cat I shot in Russia. After seeing her, I continue seeing 2 cats on Saratov's street, but I was on the trip visiting factory, so I can't get out of the car and photo them, but I am very satisfired with these photos of her. Hope everyone could understand my excitement!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Michico is home!

Adan : This evening 17:00. Michico is back, she is late for the schedule.... When she was in the room, she kept calling my names, first of all, I can't believe that is her, but after she let me smelling her fingers, and I finally believe it's her and rub her many many times~!!! Michico hugs me very tight as well!

Michico and I will visit everyone tomorrow! And she is surprised that Lego's size is getting so big!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

小芥不在家;Michico is not at home

Hello 、it's me 、Arion!
Michico is not at home ; Adan adn Lego must miss her very much.
I come to visit them and show photos concerned with them to you all.

Adan:Hello,everybody~I am still waiting Michico......

Adan:Michico was not at home several days 、so that I am looking for her smile everywhere.

Lego:Me too!I am boring!Arion always went to play with Adan 、and only took looks to me 、then left me alone.....


Arion:Lego 、you............ok 、it's fine 、since you are Michico's little kitty.

Arion:Thought Adan seems a little lonely 、but 、he still eats a lots .You see!

Arion:I think it's a little hard for me to add photos in the post . At last 、two more photos concerned with Adan & Lego . Hope Michico goes fine in everyting and comes back to Taiwan safety.

Adan:Michico 、I am WAITING for YOU at here EVERYDAY.

Lego:Mom 、hope you come back home safety.KISS~~


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