Friday, March 29, 2013

下雨天;Rainy day

YAP, Rainy day, see my face, it rains crazy outside, my pigeon sisters are all gone, it's not FUN!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

睡美容;Sleeping is so great - An award

We have very cloudly windy day and a little rainy day.
That is so great to have a sleep day.
Nobody could wake us up~
Thank you Sushi, for sharing this award to us~
And it seems we need to answer couple questions, so let's begins:

 1.   What is your favourite colour?
      Adan is red, Lego likes yellow and purple.
 2.   What would you rather do, sit indoors in front of a warm fire or lie on a warm beach alone?
      We are indoor cat, so, sit indoors in front of a warm fire. (we have very warm heater)
 3.   What's your favourite music or favourite recording artists?
      Pigeons singing.
 4.   Any embarrassing moment from your past you would like to share?
      Adan: somewhere or something can't jump on. Lego: Hmmm.... there is no such thing could embarrasse me.
 5.   Top three favourite books.
      Anything about cat photo book.
 6.   Any famous person you wouldn't mind being trapped in a lift with? one is more famous than Adan and Lego, hee hee
 7.   The name of your first pet.
      Adan is my first pet, Lego is second.
 8.   Has your pet ever done anything to embarrass you in public?  
      Well, Lego did few times that he wants food too badly so when Michico brings the foods to his table and he circle around Michico's feet and make his food all sprinkle out.
 9.   One thing you think is wrong with the world.
      Cruelty torture to animals.
10.   What's your favorite movie involving animals?
      Many movie with leading character - Will Smith, because lots of his movie has cat inside. Really!!
11.   If you had a time machine, where would you go?
      We are not quite sure, we are very happy now, there is no any regrets timing so far.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

葛格倒底... A little word Wednesday

Lego : Sometimes I just can't understand what Adan brother thought.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

大腿貓;Lap cat

Lego : Daddy, don't just watch TV.
YES, YES, Y.E.S.~~~

Monday, March 25, 2013

保護;Mancat Monday

阿丹:現在,小芥姨姨的寶寶 - 艾格妮絲 Agnes 已經五個半月了,妳們相信七月底我們就要看見她的廬山真面目嘛?有人說,四個月以後,寶寶在媽媽肚子裡面已經可以感受到外面的東西,所以小芥姨姨常常畫圖教她怎麼樣對色彩和藝術有美感,一邊聽古典音樂。希望我們的妹妹會是個有氣質的女孩。
Adan : Right now, Michico's baby girl - Agnes is 5.5 months old, can you believe we will meet her at the end of July? Some day, baby in mommy's tummy after 5 month, could sense something outside. So, Michico often paints to teach her art and beauty, and listen to classic music at the same time, Michico wishes Agnes will be a girl with good taste.
Right now, every daily job is guarding at Michico's back.
Michico and Agnes could feel safe, as a mancat, no strange stuff will close to them.

Friday, March 22, 2013

樂高穿POLO衫;Fashion Friday - spring Polo-shirt

樂高:春天了,可以不用穿長袖了~ 這件不是新的,葛格以前有穿過(可以點這裡看),不過穿在我身上更好看~
Lego : It's spring, no more big coat~ This is not a new one, Adan brother wore it before (you can click here to see), but I think I look better wearing this.

春假快到了~ 妳們想好出遊的計劃了嘛?
Spring break also near, do you have any plan for traveling?
As for me, I hope my spring season will have more yummy spring food~

(photo by May 25th, 2008 拍攝於2008年五月25日)
Adan : I am a better model, Okay?

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Lego : I love when Mommy is back from work, because her coat will be mine.
Very comfy~ Makes me lazy~
Except my dinner, no one could make me leave this spot.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

難得一玩;a little Words Wednesday

Michico : Adan doesn't play that much now, so if he plays, the images are very precious~

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

怎麼可以這麼年輕;Tuxi Tuesday - How can Adan be that young?

Michico : Can you believe this gentle is going to be 16 years old at this July? Adan-dan, you look so so young~~ What is your secret?

Adan : Curious to everything, eat as much as you can, sleep as much you can, and drink water as much as you can, and sleep, sleep and sleep~~~

Monday, March 18, 2013

新歡好地點;New favorite spot

Adan : Yeah, recently I like staying here~
有大仔的圍巾,還有大仔穿過的褲褲~ 滿好的。
With Arion's scarf and his jeans has been wear all day, I think it's great.
I like smelling Arion's jean~

大仔 OS: 請不要聞我屁股的味道,很怪!!!
Arion : Please don't smell my butt, that is truly ODD!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Easy Like Sunday - guarding

阿丹:我在保護姨姨和她的女兒 - Agnes(姨姨和大仔要幫她取的英文名字)。

Adan : I am protecting Michico and her baby girl - Agnes, even I am sleeping.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

太棒了星期六;Yaybi for Saturday

Lego : Yah~~ Mommy, let's play that feather band again!! I know you will home all day, let's play all day~~

Michico : Come!!

Friday, March 15, 2013


小芥:喂喂喂~~~ 你們兩個又想幹嘛?打架嗎?
Michico : Hey hey hey!! What are you guys up to? Want to fight again?
Adan & Lego : Nothing....

Thursday, March 14, 2013

快點打開來吃吧;Can't wait for the yummy food

Adan : Michico bought 20 different kind of cans, and a smart package dry food which doesn't include cereal inside, wants to let us try, and it Smells GREAT~!!
樂高:媽媽快開啊~~ 好香~~
Lego : Mommy, open it!! Smell so great~!!
Adan : Can't wait to taste it~~


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