Sunday, November 30, 2008

淡水有貓;Tamsui has cats, lots of cats

Michico : Remember early this month, I attended a conference to save the cats in Tamsui? After these days, I back to Tamsui to see these area, see if there are cats now. And practice my photo skill.
Yesterday we have a very good weather in Tamsui, the sunlight on the river has been shot become star light shape by me. See these boat like on the stars.
And I went to the book store and see this very beautiful view.
A very short visiting, I am very happy leaving that book store.
Thanks for the bookstore owner take good care of cats.

Now, in Tamsui, you can see cats very easily now. I am so grateful and happy.
Happy shots a lots of cats, they seems living good at here.
Hoping, there will be more and more people love you.
I saw more than 10 cats here, unlike before, I have to walk many rounds to see 1 cat in Tamsui. Now is totally different.
We really have cats in Tamsui, they are not afraid of people now.
好棒~! 要繼續愛護貓咪下去喔~!!
That is wonderful. Please keeping it~!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Earlier today, blogger can't be logged in, so I post this very late, sorry~!

Adan : So comfy, we have great sunlight today.
嗯~! 該做什麼好呢?
Hmmm....what should I do today?
Certainly keep sleeping more~!
Wish everyone has a wonderful good sleeping weekend~!

Friday, November 28, 2008

雞腿還是賽賽腿;drumsticks? No...

Adan : Yesterday was Thanksgiving, last night, I have a very different turkey meal for myself as well... well...not exactly...

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Adan : It's very nearly to the Christmas, have you email me that you want my Christmas card? Don't be shy, we don't ask for exchange or return, just wanna send our wishes.
Lego : We will recieve the mail until December 5th, and we have to handle the envelope stuffs for few days and sending everyone's card on December 8th. Now only have 8 days left to Dec 5th. Now let us represent you our new Disco dance.
Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

你評評理;Judge for me

Adan : Hey Everyone, please judge for me. I am trying so so hard to love Lego. I try to groom, but he keeps biting and biting and biting~! My chest, my feet and tummy, he bites them all. It hurts!

Adan : Wuwuwuuuuu.....feeling sad.
Adan : He is so mean.

Monday, November 24, 2008

帥哥帥弟;Mancats Monday

Michico : Seeing Adan & Lego together, although they are not very close to each other, but they are using their own way to get with each other.
Michico : Sometimes their "love" moment is very short. Just like boxing or sport the matches bow or shake hands to each other. Adan and Lego touch their noses, that is the most lovest moment, about 2 seconds.
Even only 2 seconds, but it means forever to me. And the whole space started very noisy, they chase and run every minutes all day.
Lego has great personality, he knows that his brother doesn't like to be bothered, but he always uses his enthusiasm "bothers" his brother.
He also knows that Adan brother dislikes Lego putting his arm on Adan's shoulder. But he really hope one day Adan brother could be excepted.
Lego only hiss to Adan one day in his life, that was the day he met Adan face to face just after he remove his plate. ONLY that time. (You could click here to remember)
After that, no matter how hard Adan hiss to him, Lego always happy to smell Adan's breath.
Facing Lego's indefatigably enthusiasm, sometimes Adan is tired, too. Happily Lego, he knows one day he will win Adan brother's heart.
Go on Lego, Go on Adan. Love deeply to each other one day. I can wait. Lego really loves you!
Finally, I like to show this very very strong arms of Adan's. Although Lego's weight is heavier, but Adan has great muscles.


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