Thursday, January 31, 2008

多一點我的味道,More odor

Adan : Oah No!!! Today, my body odor on this chair is weakening. I can't allow this!
Adan : Come, I give you more~~


Check if it's enough...

Adan : Not enough, keep rubbing to put my odor on every single thing in Michico's room.
嗯,完成~! 姨姨,你也要來一點嘛?

Ok~!! Finished, Michico, do you want some as well?

小芥:好啊~~~ 我先親你再說XD~~
Michico : Ok~~~ Let me kiss you first, hahaha~~~

阿丹: ... ... ...
Adan : ... ... ...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

我也想咬一口;I want to bite, too.

Michico : A-Dan-dan, your little toesies look so delicious~~


Michico : Ooooo~~~you are eating so hardly and carefully~~


Michico : You are using so big strength to bite, how is your nail doing?


Adan : sniff sniff....
Michico : Your hand looks so delicious, can I borrow it and give a bite, too?

Adan : YOU-WISH!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

又是個感恩天,Thankful Day~!!

Adan : I was very lucky yesterday evening, about 16pm Grandpa was home and Michico was at the office. And Grandpa heard my crying loudly. Normally he won't open the door, he thinks opening the door should need Michico's approvement. But he said he thinking my crying is very pitiful, so opened the door and found out the bowl was empty. Grandpa full the bowl for me and let me took a good walk. After walking he let me back to the room and sleep. When michico back home he immediately reported the whole thing, Grandpa is so cute, I am sure Michico won't mind. Even so, I still afraid of Grandpa, maybe I should need more time.


Thank you , Grandpa~!


Yesterday I also recieved a package unexpectly~! It's from EJ. of Canada!!! I am so so surprised and feel so happy~!

打開來一看,這是國外目前最當紅的貓咪引誘食品。新口味!!! 挖塞~!!! 姨姨媽媽說我過太好,可是我好開心喔!!!!!!! 阿公也終於知道好多人愛我說。

And after opening, oah my God, this is a real plum!!!!! It's Temptations!!!!!!!!! Oah My!!!!!!! There are no Temptations selling here, so, I am so so touching!!!!!!!! Thank you, EJ. Thank you!!!!! I better request my servant put these to a safety place!!!!! Michico says I am living too well~!!! hehehe~!!!!
謝謝你!!!!! EJ.!!
Thank you, EJ!!!

最後是兩個國外網友給阿丹的頒獎:關懷獎Caring cat Award,還有你是很特別的獎So special Award。
Finally, Thanks for Diamond give this Caring cat Awards for me:
I like to pass this award to
Miss Peach and Princess & Rosemary. They both very caring cat even they are not always have good condition, but always warm everyone's heart, please encourage them very often.
And Thanks for
Victor Tabbycat give So Special awards for me:
Mr.Chen & Ollie and Benjamin Fuzz and andophiroxia.You are so special to me!!!

cute headshut

Thank you Everybody, Michico loves this photo "super" much so enlarge it, see? I don't afraid of new camera anymore!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

借過喔,Man and MANCAT Monday


Adan : Hey! Arion!
Arion : Hmmm? How come you jump up here? You wanna play with me? nice you want to play with me, your Majesty!


Adan: Don't get any wrong idea, this is my nap time, you took my seat, move!!!
Arion : Oah...sorry sorry your Majesty, I leave!!! Please don't dig my clothes anymore.
Arion : Your Majesty, let me make bed for you!
Adan : Very good.
Arion : So sorry, how are you feeling now~!?
Adan: This is what I am talking about, this is good.
Michico : 2 boring men.... But lovely view here.
Adan : Happy Mondy to Everyday.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

三訪書店裡的貓,For Caesar & visit bookshop cat again

Dear Caesar, today is the 7th day. Do you know? I really believe that saying now - "no matter where you are, I am always living in your heart. " I think you do living in our heart. I feel so warm and calm.
Yesterday, Michico took the new camera to shot that bookstore's cat (see visit 1, and visit 2 here), Arion also very happy to see the younger cat. Because the weather is cold, so the old cat is hiding and sleeping.


The bookstore owner says we could take photos of her, very welcome, just please sent her pictures, we certainly say yes.


She is just awaking, looks sleepy. And too many people shot her before, she is not afraid of any camera.
She is really beautiful.

Still sleepy...
At normal time, she is a sassy girl. Today she still wants sleep, so looks very tender - says the bookshop owner.
Sassy cat : Can I go back to sleep after modeling?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

甜蜜的週六;Sweet Saturday & Meme

Today I am very comfy staying at my little sofa. I am very tenderness, in the morning, my bowl only left 1 cookie, but I stay until 9am to wake michico up, and keep standing next to the fridge to let her know I need food. And finaly I finish my breakfast and I could rest now.


Here comes Pamilla mommy.


Mommy, I am very good today~!


Oah Mommy~~ Your massage also very good~!
Oah Yes~!!

Oah Pamilla mommy I love you, too. Look at me today, I am not afraid of new camera today~!


I will be a good model today~!

New Things Meme:
Fiona was tagged me the meme - All you need to do is tell everyone 3 things that are new with you! Link it back to me and the purrson who gave it to you and pass it on to 3 more kitties you'd like to know more about! :)
1. Michico has a new camera, and it is noisy.
2. I am try to be friends with new camera but that is hard.
3. It's almost Chinese New Year, Grandpa is home and Toshie auntie will be home soon, I am so excited~!
I would like to tag : Icon his whole family members~!


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