Monday, August 31, 2009

回娘家;Back to Michico's home at weekend

Michico : Last weekend, I brought Adan and Lego back my own birth home, this is the second time I brought they home (I brought them home 1 weekend a month, last time I forgot bring camera),at last time I was kind of nervous, I was afraid they doesn't love in car and doesn't get used to the old home, but as soon I opened the door, they ran to their room and the place they love and stay. So is this time, after they home, they ran to the room and sofa and started playing.
Adan: I still love this sofa the best, while I back on sofa, Pamilla mommy started playing my tail, she seems loving it, and I let her play my tail.
Adan : Althought it's hard to sleep while she plays my tail, but I haven't been pet my Pamilla mommy for a long time.
Lego : As soon as I back home, I ran back to the bedroom I grew up and sleeping, see how happy I am?
Lego : Now leave me, I want my beauty sleep.
Adan : See, my Pamilla mommy keeps playing my tail, and I turn my belly on, I am so happy!

Adan : This sofa is wonderful, I still love this sofa the best!

Adan : This tells me, when everyone sits on comfy sofa, everyone's pose become very very unique, hee hee~
Adan : Sunday morning, I stay on Grandpa's bed and breath the morning air.
Adan : And Arion be with me, we play until Sunday night then back home, and while we back we are rolling in house again, it's so happy to have 2 great home to stay!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

每個存在都不是偶爾;every existence is not accidental

Michico : Last Friday, I talked to my friend Fiona, that Adan always watch me and Arion to the work, and touches me everyday. Fiona says "Every existence is not accidental". I have lots of feeling about these words.
Always treature while they are close to together, and close to me, so beautiful.
Getting close together even more than 1 year, still make me hapy.
Thank God send me 2 angels to the ground be with me, I will treature each every moment they be with me.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

我看你帥;I look because you are handsome

Lego : Hee~~ I am so happy, Today is Saturday~!
Let's see what Adan will do?
樂高:.. ...

Adan : What are you looking at? What you look?
Lego: ... ... .. .
Lego : I look because you are so handsome....
Adan : .... You win...

Friday, August 28, 2009

小咪馬麻加油;Farewell Friday - LittleMi

Michico : So shock, last night I knew one of my cat friend- LittleMimi went to the rainbow bridge because of thrombus/seriously paralysis suddenly pass away, only 5 years old. I met him once at the beginning of 2008, his cute big body makes me have strong image in my mind, and so cute. Very shock, many cat friends are so hard to believe.
最後,更要祝福、禱告,希望小咪馬麻堅強。妳和小咪把拔一定要勇敢!!!! 加油!!!
Hoping and praying for LittleMi's mom, hope she can be strong, because we always hear she says "she can't live without LittleMi", I hope she can be strong for LittleMi, and LittleMi could be free at rainbow bridge.
Finally, I wish and purr for all my cat friends and every beans of my cat friends, take good care of yourselves, and your health, Big Big hugs to everyone!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

討論增肥;Thinking Thursday

Lego : I notice while I behind Adan, I look thinner.
Adan : You think too much, you just eat as many as your mom gives you, don't worry. She won't give you extra food, WAHAHAHAHA~~~
Adan: But now, I have to enforce my Gaining weight program~!
Lego : Gaining weight program, can I follow?
Adan : You better can.... if you do, I think your mom will be crazy.... Besides, Arion only calls you "hotdog, hotdog (meaning full up) " now, I think you have to control yourself.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

試坐坐墊;Testing the new seat cushion

"Unwittingly" passing through...
"Unwittingly" step through....
"Unwittingly" "not purposely" grooming next to this seat cushion.
Adan: Hee hee~ No one find out and stop me, Today is Chinese Valentine's Day, Arion brought this seat cushion for Michico, because Michico seat on tile for 3 month since she got married, and few weeks ago, believe or not, her butt hurt, hahaha~~ So, Arion brought this to protect his wife's butt skin. As a very good "seat cushion /bed tester" I have to sit on it. ( Lego: I know you just want to sit, but not for test)
阿丹:嗯~~~~~~ (酥服)
Adan : Hmmm..... (comfy)
Lego : Hmmm....Adan you are strange, you can learn from me, see? I am lying on the ground and I feel great, why stay in that tiny seat?
Adan : Silly, because I am like your mom, I have many bones, I need this soft thing to hold.
Lego : Huh! I don't believe, are you saying that seat is better than this floor?
Adan : What do U want?

Lego : Get Out, I want to test, too! Move!
Adan : ....!
Adan : Your mom is next to me, how dare you?!
Lego : Hmmm... next time, while your anchor leaves, I will sit on that seat cushion.
Adan : Hmmm...What a great gift for Valentine's day~~~ This seat is so great~~~

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

聲控;Voice control

Adan : Somebody? Open the door, I have to sleep now! ( It's about 23PM)
Adan : Arion, would you?

Adan : Please?
Arion : Ok, you want to go to bedroom, okay, I open the door for you.
Adan : Thank you Arion, you are the best~ (Smiling)
Michico : Some says there is a special sound cat's voice could make people pay attention on them, I think that is very true, everyday I heard Adan's voice I always turn my head to him see what he want, people think if you have cats, your work and rest time will be normal and healthier, because cats will ask you to rest and work, I think that is true, too. If I don't have cat, I might sleep very late everyday.
Michico : Everyday I see Adan sleeping, I always feel, I get to give myself a very good quality sleep, too~

Monday, August 24, 2009


Michico : After a week day off, today I have to back to work, this morning 2 brothers left and right block my way.
Lego : Mommy you can't pass by, I won't allow you.
Michico : Lego, if I don't work, you can't eat fatter than your Adan brother's figure, look at your tummy~
Lego : Mom, did I say the figure problem? I just don't wanna let you go.
Adan : Lego's figure is not my business, but Michico, you go to work but don't let me wear the collar again.
Lego : Mommy, now my body is a half behind the door, I think I am thinner, right?
Adan : This guy let me handle, Michico, get to work now~

Sunday, August 23, 2009

民俗月夜半讀恐怖小說;Be with

Adan : Recently, Michico started love reading Novels of Stephen King, This month in Chinese, is very famous Ghost Month, and Michico choose this month buy his another Novel to read, but I am here, be with her, I am guarding.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

搞親熱;Recent behave

Michico : Recently, Adan and Lego often do this, very close, I am wonder if they are really love each other now, hee hee~


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