Wednesday, December 31, 2008

看2008年最後一天;Look at 2008 for the last

Adan : What happened this year, let me collect them together to share:
1. 一月的時候,大姨姨買了她人生第一台單眼。
A. January, Michico brought her very first DSLR for photo me better.
2. 二月的時候,後母姨姨和胖丁爹happy結婚~
B. February, Gina got married with David.
3. 三月;過了十年,我新添了一個弟弟 - 樂高
C. March, after 10 years, I have a new brother - Lego.
4. 四月,大姨姨出差到莫斯科十天
D. April, Michico went to Russia for business trip for 10 days.
5. 五月,阿公玩我
E. May, Grandpa played me, hee hee~~
6. 六月,經過長期樂高黴菌抗戰後,終於可以玩蝙蝠俠、蝙蝠高
F. After long time ringworm treament on Lego, and we were playing Bat-Dan, and Bat-Go.
7. 七月,我的11歲生日
G, July, my 11th birthday.
8. 八月,姨姨去鹿港探貓
H. August, Michico went to LuKang seeing cats.
9. 九月,姨姨上玉山
I. September, Michico climb on Yushan, which is 12,966 ft high mountain, and she successed.
10. 小樂高長大了,很會做表情
J.October, Little Lego is growing.
11. 大姨姨參加淡水貓咪座談會
K. November, Michico attended "Save cats in Tamsui" conference.
12. 12月,小姨姨結婚典禮。
L. December, Toshie's wedding.
What a great good year, tonight, Toshie will be back home to across the new year with us!!!! I hope I will have great better new year on 2009!!! And stay close to us!
H A P P Y 2 0 0 9 N E W Y E A R ! ! ! !

Monday, December 29, 2008

小姨姨的婚宴;Toshie's wedding party

Michico : Toshie's wedding photos, they held the party at the south of Taiwan, but we live at North, so, Daddy drove to the south at Friday 13:30 while we be there, it's 18:30. And after we finished the party, we drove to home immediately, and we were home at Sunday 02:00AM. And I had a class yesterday whole day. I was too busy shooting photos at Toshie's party, didn't have time to feel that atmosphere, Today finally have some time.

Michico : As for tradion, the brides's mom has to clip the first hair-pin for clip bride's veil for good luck. But our mom died for 15 years, for a long time, Pamilla just like a very big mom to take care of us, so, we left this right for Pamilla to clip the hair pin for Toshie.

Michico : This is a tradition. Brides and groom needs to kneel to thankful for parents for their raising. And Parents will bless them will have very happy marriage.

Michico : This photo as below is Pamilla saying " If you shooting anymore, you will be dead" But I still have dare to push the shooter, hee hee~~

小芥:恭喜小姨姨~~ (如果你們還有任何興趣要看其他照片可以點這邊)
Michico : Let's congratulate to Toshie and Danel again, and they will be home with us to the New Year, so we will meet them in very very soon!!! (if you have any other interests to see other photos, please click here)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Easy like Sunday

Michico : After Toshie's wedding party, we were back home at 2AM today, and I have class to take today, so I don't have very much time to arrange the wedding photos. Please wait for me until tomorrow, I will post Toshie's wedding party photos~! Adan and Lego miss me very much, I am so happy.

Friday, December 26, 2008

樂高和阿公;Lego and Grandpa

Last night, Grandpa back!
Grandpa is mine.
Grandpa loves me~
I love Grandpa as well.
Grandpa is my personal heater.
Michico : Tomorrow I am not able to help Adan and Lego post blog, because Our familly will be at South of Taiwan to attend Toshie's wedding party to be the photographer. So, Here I wish everyone has a great Saturday and we will be back on Sunday!


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