Tuesday, September 25, 2007

祝大家中秋節快樂,Happy Mid-Autumn to everyone & Happy Birthday To Pixie~!

今天是中秋節,在這邊畫了一張畫祝福大家中秋節快樂~!雖然月亮要到星期四凌晨才會是最圓的(根據報導),不過希望今天大家還是抬頭望一望月亮,祝福祈禱一下呢~! (可以點來放大看)
Today is Mid-Autumn Festival, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to Everyone~!!! Here to draw a watercolor to celebrate, hope everone will be happy to see this~! (you may see what is Mid-Autumn Festival here). (you can click it larger)

這是上下面都可以看的畫,主要是阿丹在上面,下面是我在作夢穿得很漂亮還有幫阿丹戴兔耳朵,真的是超級作夢他不可能讓我戴的,可是好像上面我也在作夢,因為我怎麼可以縮得這麼小跟阿丹一起呢 ? 所以我通通都在作夢~!
This is a watercolor painting you have see 2 sides, mainly, Adan is on the Top. And the upside down side is I am dreaming, that I am wearing ancient Chinese concubine's clothes and Adan is wearing jade rabbit's clothes. Which is impossible that Adan will never let me wear this on this head. But I think the Adan side I am dreaming, too. I will never could be so small to be with Adan, so both side I am dreaming, too~!


This painting~

From Morning~


Painting to sunset~


To very close toMidnight~


But it's worth it, cause I never painted for Adan this big painting size.
今晚看一下月亮~! 許個願喔~!大家都開心喔~!
Tonight, see the moon and make a wish~! Hope everyone Happy all the day~!

And Pixie, Happy Birthday, I am so happy to see you enjoy the banana for always~!!


Gattina said...

Good morning Adan ! Thank you 1000 times for the nice card with your signature and the gifts ! It was such a surprise and a greeting from soooo far away ! Yesterday I scrolled a little through your blog to see all new pictures of you and of course Michicos works ! Compliments she does a wonderful work ! I love the paintings ! Do you know that I paint cats too ? They are on my Gattina's paintings blog.
I am so sorry that I couldn't comment on your blog, but in Italy the Internet connection was so bad that it took hours to load a page. I just had time to publish my posts. It broke down, came back broke down etc. I went mad !
Little Rosie must have missed me very much because when I came back she didn't leave me anymore and I couldn't sleep very well the first night, she kissed and tried to wash my face all the time and she purred like a sewing machine. My neighbor friend took very good care of the whole cat family as always. She does it since 30 years !
I see you have a new blog, I love your family picture ! Your grandma looks like Michico's sister ! In two months Rosie will be 6 months old and have her adult size ! Time goes by so fast !

Anonymous said...


Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Wow, that is a very beautiful painting! :) Wonderful! Michico is very talented.

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Dear Michico! I am so honored to have the painting in my golden frame...I have saved it just for this beautiful artwork! Miss Peach has a secret to tell you. But she can not with out being unlady like...maybe soon..later.
I am once again so totally warmed in my heart with another art work showing Adan and you so tenderly protecting each other.
I have also seen the dragonfly queen...the wings are a lacey perfection!
Love Miss Peach

Daisy said...

That is a very beautiful and wonderful painting that Michico made! It is very special how it has two different images on the top, and in the reflection. Michico, you are so talented!

Anonymous said...



Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Adan that painting is wonderful. We like the way Michico is cuddling in your paws. She must be very tired after painting for so many hours.
Our mum has saved the watercolour on her computer and is going to make a print and frame it. She thinks it is beautiful.

Ramses said...

Wow, what a fantastic painting! :) You're so lucky having a talented Mom like that :)

Anonymous said...


Rosemary B❤️ said...

Oh This painting is very beautiful and accomplished in one day. That is very very wonderful. The colors are so nice!

Thank you Adan and Michico for the wonderful surprise in the mail! We were so happy to have the picture of Adan and we will frame it and put it in our room. The wish birds are amazing! thank you for the bookmark. Mommie likes to read books and now she has a very special mark for her books

We hope you have a wonderful Mid Autumn Festival!! What a wonderful celebration!!!!

(((hugs))) and purrs
Caesar and Princess

Anonymous said...

That is an absolutely beautiful painting!!!! I love you beeing a little rabbitt!!! That is soooooooo cute!!!
Have a nice day and night!!!

LZ said...

What a beautiful painting!! Michicho is very talented and you are very lucky Adan to have such lovely paintings of you. I am very jealous, Meowmy is NOT talented at all.


The Furry Fighter said...

wow - that is an amazing picture! michico is a super artist! i love the concept of the painting, very clever! xxx

Monty Q. Kat said...

Oh! Oh! MomBean LOVES that painting! Do you sell them??

andophiroxia said...

That is a GREAT picture michico! I like how the image looks like you and it really captures you and Adan!


Oh what a beautiful painting. Adan you are very lucky to be immortalize in such a stunning way by Michico. I wish I could do this for my Abby, but I am not talented as your lovely Michico.


Anonymous said...

That is such a lovely painting Adan.

Have a good Mid Autumn Day.

The Furry Kids said...

What a beautiful painting, Michico. You are very talented!

Shohom67 said...

Right on! You are a very talented artist.
>^. .^< Dan

Samantha & Mom said...

Wow Adan, that is a very beautiful painting Michico did of you two, it is cool how it reflects you both! She is very talented. She must be tired after all that painting. The book hasn't come yet, but we run to the mail box every day hoping it is here.
Your FL furiends,

Anonymous said...

What a great painting of you and Adan. It is very cute with Michico resting on Adan's paw. You two sure do love each other a lot.

Jimmy Joe said...

That is a beautiful picture! I'm excited that autumn is coming, too. My momma will buy a pumpkin soon! Mmmm, I love pumpkin pie. You've had really nice blog posts the past three days. Your Michico sure does love you a lot!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
P.S. We like the close-up of your nose on Sunday's post especially. You've got a great nose there, Adan.

MaoMao said...

Ohhhhhh, that painting is just so bee-yootiful that it gave Momma the happy goosebumps! Adan, your Michico is an amazingly talented artist.

Happy mid-Autumn to both of you, my furriends!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Gretchen said...

Your paintings are always fantastic. Your talent amazes me.

I loved you dreaming picture and the big Adan and the moon.


Mickey's Musings said...

The painting is absolutely beautiful.Michico,you are very talented!!
Here in Halifax(Canada) they celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival.
Music,poetry,Green Tea and Mooncakes were served. I hope you enjoyed your Festival!

Unknown said...

That is a very beautiful painting!
Happy Autumm to everyone in her country!


Unknown said...

I can't believe what an AMAZING artist Michico is. Her painting looks just like you Adan.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Honey P. Sunshine said...

wow, those paintings are fabulous

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhh! I am simply astounded at the beauty of that painting, dear Michico and Adan -- you, Michico, are such a wonderful artist, and thank you so much for sharing your shining talent with us! Happy mid-Autumn to you, my sweet friends!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

To. Monty,

Sell? Once some published stored buy my paintings for commercial uses. But not this "Family" kind, hahahaha~!

Maybe someday I will collect the pictures in my book. "MAYBE", I will have this chance, heheheh~

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

Dear Eric and Flynn,

That is my great honored knowing your mother save the picture, thank you~!!

Sincerely yours,

To. 後母

想像中應該是滿可愛的~! 不過我不想要幫阿丹戴~ 應該會出代誌XD~~

To. 旺宏的媽媽

特別將新玩具入畫~! 其實還有一個好玩的就是阿丹為主的那張我有把我的臭腳丫放再阿丹嘴巴那邊XD~ 因為每次我都親阿丹的臭腳丫說~ 就算上廁所完沒洗手~ 有時候還是會失誤親下去~ 所以, 挖哈哈哈哈哈~~~~~

To. Luna

Thank you so so much~!!!

Best Regards

JT said...

Beautiful watercolor! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you!

Unknown said...

I think it's very exciting that its Pixie's birthday!

Anita said...

So beautiful pictures. I love it.

Happy Mid-Autumn. I like so much your culture.


Anonymous said...




TorAa said...

An impresse waterpainting and beautiful birthday card. Happy delayed Birthday Pixie. Hope you had a great day.

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

To. 小烏賊~!


Karen Jo said...

The painting is absolutely fabulous. You are extremely talented, Michico. I love the way it is two paintings in one. Adan, you are very lucky to be immortalized like this.

Sasha said...

great paintings Michico. Adan is lucky to have you.

Anonymous said...

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