Monday, March 24, 2008

隔離第13天 - 吵鬧的樂高;SP -13 Noisy Lego

Lego: Right now the best I could do is biting people. Everyone came into the room don't want to get out, I will hug your legs and bite your fingers makes you can't go anywhere.

樂高:很強吧~!看看我凶狠的樣子~! 下面這個影片大家可以知道我有多吵鬧~!!!我不但跟大仔玩我還要跟馬麻玩,我兩個都不放過!
Lego : Am I fierce? I better catch up because my big brother Adan is a great fighter~!! Please see the video as below, not only I need to play with Arion, I also have to play with my mommy, none of them I could let go~! Anyone into the room have to be played by me!

Adan : Michico bought me a peacock feather. I think the smell is very special, no matter where the feather is, my nose is there.

阿丹:啊,孔雀羽毛你好好聞喔~! 為了你我願意站起來。
Adan : Oah, Feather feather, you smell so good~!!! For you, I could stand by only 2 feet!

Michico : Right now, Adan and Lego are so curious to each other, but they can't at the same room, because Lego's fungus problem is big. All we have to do is wait for the fungus gone. Maybe still need to wait weeks. So we all need to have patient~! Daddy also saw Lego these days, he think Lego also very cute~!


Anonymous said...


Tiger Lily said...

Lego is a very cute fierce kitten! I hope his fungus goes quickly so he and Adan can get together.

Christine and FAZ said...

Lego is a beautiful kitten with a wonderful attitude we hope his fungus problem resolves itself soon. FAZ

andophiroxia said...

Lego has such a sassy meow. Maybe you get him a kimono!XD

Anonymous said...


Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Lego sure is a cutie! I thought he was here to visit me for a minute when he meowed.

Adan-that looks like a great feather to play with!

Anonymous said...


Mickey's Musings said...

Lego has a very cute meow!!! He is too cute :)
Adan, that feather is really nice.You stand on 2 legs very well and show off your nice tummy!!!!
Mom likes your tummy ,heehee
Purrs Mickey

Beethoven said...

Oh Lego! I hope your fungus gets better really soon because it'll be nice when you can finally meet your big brother!

Anonymous said...



Spike William and Angels China Cat and Willow said...

I hope you get to see Lego soon. You look so very tall standing up on two feet! Your feather does look fun!

Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat

Anonymous said...


黴菌是個可怕的東西 >"<

Black Cat said...

Lego is so cute! I hope his fungus infection clears up soon. I love your tummy too Adan! That feather looks very fun:) xxx

Daisy said...

Lego has a very strong kitten voice! And I love his funny biting face.

Adan, you are very talented to stand on your back legs to get the feather. That's a hard trick!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Gandalf heard little Lego fierce meow and took notice! Grayson wants that feather, Adan! You'd better hide it.

CRIZ LAI said...

Wow... Lego is trying to keep up with Adan? Hey, Adan is not fierce at all, he's cute.. hehe. I just hope Lego will get well soon. The separation period is almost over but then the fungal problem is stopping them from meeting each other. How sad!

Don't worry Adan, you will get to play with Lego all you ever wanted when he is healthy. :)

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Lego, for a little kitten, you have a big meow. You are very cute. Adan we like your lovely tummy when you stand on two legs.

Rosemary B❤️ said...

I think there should be no hurry to have Lego and Adan-dan together. the longer the better and more curious they will become... that will be better too.

I am very happy that your daddy likes Lego.

Adan, you are very athletic and your body looks strong!

love and purrs


Lego you are such a cute wee little one...we hope your fungus heals quickly. Adan I love your feather...that looks like it would be fun to play with.


Anonymous said...


The Misadventures Of Me said...

Lego is very cute!

Adan fevers are great to smell and play with. Shadow has one favorite one that he carrys everywhere with him AND he meows real loud while he does it.

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Lego, what great teeth you have there!

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Lego, you are cute and fierce, but most humans don't like to be bitten.

Adan, feathers are so much fun to play with! We had a peacock feather once, but it was destroyed so quickly we never got another.

dennis said...

Dennis thinks cats are just the cutest animals of all time.

The Whiskers and Purrs Gang said...

Dearest Lego,
We agree with everything you said. We can tell you are going to be a very successful speech maker one day real soon.

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

Lego is a little cutie!

Mr. Hendrix said...

We can be patient! I hope Lego gets better soon. That fungus can't be comfortable.
He is such a cutie! What a little nibbler.
Adan, you have a great feather there! I would jump for that too. Great job!

The Crew said...

Lego, you are too cute!! And you have a very big meow for such a little guy.

Adan, we are jealous of your real feather.

Icon Baxter Bentley said...

Oh no! What kind of a fungus does Lego have? He is too cute to have fungus!
My new fur-sister Greta has fungus, too - the kind she has is called ringworm - could that be what Lego has? He is so cute!

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

Lego is so cute and what pretty green eyes. I have not heard of fungus in a cat.....I hope it goes away soon so Adan can get to know Lego better!

Moki The Wobbly Cat said...

I agree with JB. Lego has the prettist green eyes! I am particularly found of cats with green eyes being as my childhood cat had them!

Lego is just so cute! It kind of makes you wish that they stayed that small and playful forever!

Anonymous said...

Wow Adan that is a great feather! We never had a peacock feather before and it looks like fun.

Lego is so cute and curious and playful. I am sure you can't wait to meet him!

Kate (Pablo's mum) said...

Wow! I haven't been blogging for a little over a week, so I didn't know about little Lego! Welcome, Lego. Hope your fungus problem sorts itself out soon so that you and Adan can meet each other properly.

L. Alida said...

Feel better Lego so you can play with Adan and that feather. But, don't give your brother the bitey. :) Lego has such a cute fierce meow! Adan I think your tummy is cute! ;)
Purrs and Hugs to you both,

Tesla and Hansel said...

i hopes legos fungus goes away soon. I can't wait to see yoo play together. Also, yoor video was great!

SophieKitty said...

Lego is developing some fierce teefs!

Alexi said...

Oh, Lego, you are too cute. I do hope your fungus gets better soon! Also, Adan, I tagged you for a meme!! Goto my blog for the details!
Your furriend, Alexi

Gretchen said...

Oh, the peacock feather is so pretty. I bet it's really soft and feathery.

Lego is so cute, he has a really loud voice.


We3Katz said...

If you do not want Lego to grow up biting your hands, do not use them as toys now! He will think it is good to bite. Always use a toy to play with Lego. I learned this the hard way.

I hope he recovers soon and can join his big brother Adan.

4 Boys and a Lady said...

We're going back to read what we've missed the past few days. Lego is too adorable!! Of course Adan is the cutest. (^_~) But Lego is very very cute with his fierce meow. said...



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