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忘憂拍婚紗;Shooting wedding-dress photograph at "leave sad behind forest"

Michico 小芥
一月2號 ~3號,我們計畫已久要拍婚紗的行程終於實現,原本要上雪山,但是在18~19號的時候森林大火,到最後多種原因無法敲定,不能成行。於是又挑了很多地點,最後決定在杉林溪旁邊的忘憂森林拍攝,希望可以一解憂愁。我們五點半從捷運圓山站出發開向杉林溪。進入忘憂之前,會經過一大片茶園。
January 2nd~3rd, I planned to shoot the wedding-dress photograph finally came true. In Taiwan, shooting wedding-dress photos usually before the wedding day. Because we like to share the wedding dress photos at wedding date to the guests. I plan to shoot many different location photos, and this is our first location, it has a very special name, but I don't know how to translate it, so I say it is "Leave sad behind forest", the meaning is just like that. We started going at Jan 2nd 5:30am to the country. Before we went to that forest, we met a very big a tea plantation.
It's very beautiful, and the mists come and go time to time.
To the entrance, we started to climb, my bagback has 3 wedding-dresses.
The elevation of "Leave sad behind forest" is about 2000M, we were climbing steep hill to the top, Arion also carried very big tools to the top.
很快的腳程,我們進入了忘憂森林,結果竟然遇見的枯水期,忘憂森林沒有水!! 請點閱這個連結看有水的風景照。整個忘憂森林曾經被水浸泡過的地方變成一片白,好像雪。
Climbing very fast into the forest, and we find out now is the dry season, the forest doesn't have any water, please click here to understand the forest with water, it should be a big forest marsh. Right now the water part is gone, left the tree become the white color, just like snow.
But the view still very good, we didn't delay any minutes, I quickly jump into the tent and change the wedding dress.
The forest in winter looks bleak, I love the atmosphere very much, I used to wrote the stories several years ago, and the background just like this, I love it. I tolerate the cold air dress (about 44°F) , with Karen's big help, doing makeup and hair, and we are ready to shoot.
Karen also doing her very first time to help other people doing makeup, she got great talent.
Arion brought his suit as well to the forest, he is also ready to shoot. We are chasing the sunset's light.
Very Very cold, luckly we have sun, and the sky is very blue, the sun leaves very very fast, so we are shooting very very quickly.
This stocking was giving by EG, Titus 's mommy last year, I love it so so much, and I wear it to keep my feet warm. Thank you, EG's mommy!!
This man is Arion's classmate at college, he is cooperating very well, help us having the best light, I am also very thankful. We are only shooing 1 dress, and the sun is gone, we quickly packing and back to the place staying until next dawn.
The bamboo is very beautiful.
And the mists fly to the tea garden again, so so beautiful.
And this is our main photographer, he is really a superman, carry the most heavy camera and tools to make the shooting quality to the perfect!!
Cloud sea. We are so tired and happy at dinner, sleep very early and prepare for the next day shooting.
Next dawn Jan 3rd, we woke up at 03:40am, after eating breakfast, we back to the "leave sad behind forest" again.
And we find out all the grass and tea leaves are all frosting, you can see right now the air is just under 32°F.
frosting, frosting, frosting...
Very Very Very cold, we are quickly into the forest and changing again, very cold, my feet were so pain.
This time, I am also thankful another friend helped me carry my camera to shoot this these images, or I can't able to show these to you.
Today the sky is so blue and sunny, makes us so so happy.
The white wedding dress is too long to walk, every step I depend on friends to help carry the dress. I am so grateful I have such great friends around me~!
This is the wood I will sit on, also frosting, too. You can imagine I will have a very frosting butt.
Normally, this is the marsh's ground. This green part is not grass, but the plant and moss under the water, very wet, muddy and slippery, everyone is walking very taugh.
At this moment, I really wish Adan and Lego is next to me, hahahaha~~~
This is I am standing on a piece of wood without any shoes and stocking, Karen is helping me showing the best angle of dress, my lap is shiver from the beginning to the end.
Very Very cold, but also very very beautiful, every photographer is so great, I am so grateful.
This wood also very high, everyone is helping me standing on it.
Can you see this is the bow Adan wear it before? This is made by Pamilla. We shoot from the dawn to the noon, finally finish the photo, everyone making the hot tea for me, taking me very very well. I am almost crying~!
Before leaving, I finally could shoot by myself to take the blue sky into my camera, I told myself will come again while the marsh has water.
Thank you for everyone so so so so much to help me shooting the wedding-dress photograph. I will always remember these days in my life.
Blue sky, green mountain, I have a great memory here.
最後,分享給大家我們居住的民宿有黑白貓的水墨畫,一整個讓我思念阿丹到不行呢 :)

This is the painting at the hotel we stay, makes me missing Adan very much.
Thank for my friend attend this big moment in my life, I am so touching.


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Gemini and Ichiro said...

We love those wedding gowns. Now who got up in the high point to shoot down while you were in that dress. How fun and what wonderful photos you will have...we particularly like the one of you looking at Adan and Lego..

Teri and her Stylish Cats said...

What a lovely tradition and how beautiful you looked in the forest. The drawing of the cats at the hotel was very unique and modern looking but it was probably old? Thank you for sharing your photos and life.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance

andophiroxia said...

Wowwwww... I love the name of the forest, and well it is SO appropriate for your wedding!

Forever Foster said...

You look so beautiful! What lovely dresses. It is a fantastic tradition to have the photos taken. You'll be able to treasure them forever:)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Michico, you looked so beautiful and lovely in all 3 dresses!

We love learning about the different tradtions! But it was SO cold! And yet your face never gave away your Frosting Butt! hahaha!

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Millie said...

Wow! What a story! What beautiful photos! What beautiful wedding dresses! What commitment! I salute you Michico, you are one determined lady!

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Ramses said...

Oh wow what a beautiful Bride you will be soon, your dresses are divine! Oh yes even a mancat can appreciate such beauty... :)

TabbyNormal said...

So beautiful! It sounds very exhilarating. Our mom always misses us when she has to leave us for any time, too.

Abby & Stygia

Mickey's Musings said...

Michico!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing the traditions of your culture. What a beautiful idea for the guests to see. Your dresses are lovely and you look stunning in them :)
The location you chose is very nice too. I like woods .
I love the picture at the hotel too!
We hope you are warmed up after your trip :)
Purrs Mickey,Georgia,Tillie & Mom Nancy

Laila and Angel Minchie said...

Those were the most beautiful pictures we ever saw and you looked simply gorgeous! What a great tradition!

Anonymous said...

Michico you are so lovely in the beautiful gowns! The woods are a very nice and natural background for the pictures.

The Furry Kids said...

Michico, you look so beautiful! You didn't even look like you were cold! Mama was so touched that you wore the socks we sent you. :) Thank you for sharing your pictures with us.

Daisy said...

I never knew of that tradition before, it's a great idea! And you will have those beautiful photos to treasure forever. I love the dresses, it looks magical. And I cannot even tell you have a frosting butt!

LZ said...

What an incredible spot! And tradition!! What an amazing thing to do, it truly will make you remember so much of your wedding so well. What an amazing couple you make!


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Unknown said...

Yoo are very beautiful Michico and the forest seems to have come to life when your photos were shot!

Team Tabby said...

Michico, thank you so much for sharing your traditions with us. Your wedding dress photos will be fantastic. The ones we are seeing are gorgeous, we love the three dresses - you are beautiful in them. You especially,and Arion, and your friends have so much stamina to shoot in such an ideal, but cold location. Hope your freezing butt is thawed out now, it was worth it though.

hugs & Purrs,
Mind, Moe, Bono and mom Nina



Thank you for taking us with you on your journey into the forest. I loved it. YOU look so beautiful and the pictures were fantastic. All of the dresses were stunning and what glorious memories you will always have from these moments.


Tyler said...

Michico, I didn't know you were getting married also! I'm so happy for you and Arion. I wish you years and years of happiness. I'm so sorry that you were so cold while having your pictures taken. Your guests will be so pleased to see them at your wedding.

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Cory said...

Thank you for sharing! Those were amazingly beautiful photographs.

Ivan and Izzy from WMD said...

Beautiful, all of it, and especially Michico! Every time I visit I always wind up with a great big smile!

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Cat with a Garden said...

Your wedding gown photos will be so beautiful! What a great idea to go to the forest with such a beautiful name, too. You will always remeber these days...
Purrs, Siena & Chilli

Anonymous said...

Michico you look absolutely stunning!
Your dresses are divine! And your makeup and hair adorable!
Arion is certainly a very lucky man, as I am sure he deserves to be.
And what a glorious setting to shoot the pictures and your super super nice friends for helping you.. oh wow
Thank you SO much for sharing these with us :)))

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Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Michico, you look so beautiful and your dresses are gorgeous. The forest setting for the photos is perfect.Thank you so much for sharing this part of your life with us.
Oh, and we hope your frosted butt has thawed out by now:)

Sunny's Mommy said...

Those are all wonderful photos! You are sooo beautiful in your dresses :-D

Deana said...

You looked so incredibly beautiful. So much work but it was so well worth it! Thank goodness you didn't freeze!

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

You look so gorgeous in those wedding gowns!!!!!


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