Monday, October 26, 2009

喝湯時間;Mancat Monday

Michico : From Adan's child time until now he is 12, he doesn't eat can food, but since he and Lego both got urethra problem earlier this year, I started give them can food and with lots of water.
所謂罐頭湯是阿丹,1/4罐頭,加80西西的水,樂高1/2的罐頭,加 120西西的水,然後阿丹通常只喝水,樂高會把水和料都吃光,繼續吃哥哥的料。樂高真是一隻大肥豬。
Can soup means Adan eat 1/4 can food with 80cc water, Lego eats 1/2 can with 120cc water, usually Adan drinks water only, and Lego finish all, and continue eating Adan's. Lego is really a pig.
But, I still like that Adan loves drinking the soup, that is great~!After he finish the soup and he back to eat his dry food.
As long as you are healthy, Adan!
小丹丹今天又喝光罐頭水了,好棒喔。好吧,我去拿你不要吃的肉給樂高了 Orz。
Okay, now Adan finished the soup part, I got to take the meat part to Lego now.


アオソラ said...


andophiroxia said...

Is force drink still happening?

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Soup sounds delicious! You are very lucky Adan!

LZ said...

Good job Big Man Cat!! I too only like liquid from wet food so I understand. The lazy Woman finally posted some pictures and an update! We read about you every day and are keeping up on your busy lives but we can't comment as much as we would like. You are always our dear friends and in our hearts.

P.S. That painting is simply amazing!!

慢慢仙 said...




Karen Jo said...

It is very good that Adan drinks the water from the canned food soup. That should help lots with his problem. Lego is going to get huge eating Adan's food as well as his own.

Christine and FAZ said...

I eat anything, which is why I am what you might call a bit overweight at present. FAZ

Elin said...

That's look yummy Adan!Keep it up!

badgirl33 said...

dry food is not good for cats, I'm glad your cats get wet food now

Daisy said...

That is a great way to get extra water!

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Slurp all that up Adan and stay healthy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Whatever it takes!!! Slurp it up guys!!! And, we LOVE the toesies today!

Mickey's Musings said...

Mom gives Mickey a little can food too :) He still likes his crunchies though!!
If Lego likes to finish Adan's soup,maybe he should have a bit less ;)
Adan is looking very healthy and has nice toes,heehee
Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

Beau Beau & Angie Over the Bridge said...

Very good decision to give Lego and Adan wet food. I also had two male cats from before that had urinary problems and they ended up having to have very uncomfortable surgery. That's why Beau Beau and Angie eat wet food and raw chicken. They will get used to the canned food before long. Soup is also an excellent idea while they get healthier. Add a little to the wet food too. No more dry food.


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