Monday, March 8, 2010


Lego :Dora and Yen are sisters, they live very close to us after Michico got married, now they finally have chance to visit us. See, I am so happy.

Dora is feeding me fishie~~ It's so delicious~ It's a very popular feeding way, if you wanna kiss a kitty~
The fishie is just perfect, Dora, please give me another one!
Yen also give me some, I can eat by standing~!!! That is a faster way to let the food go inside to my belly~

阿丹:兩個人的話,我會比較願意跑出來看人喔~~ 雖然這次我也是鑽被被躲起來~ 但是我還是有給玉燕姨姨、玉山姨姨摸摸。
Adan : If there are only 2 people I would see the visitors, even I still hide in the bed sheet, but I still let Dora and Yen pet me.

Adan: Am I doing great? I am brave~

樂高:這個是玉山玉燕姨姨送我的墊子,我即將到媽媽身邊兩年了,這是兩週年的禮物,謝謝玉山玉燕姨姨。然後,她們送給葛格的魚柳也被我吃了,謝謝玉山姨姨~~~ 耶~~~
Lego : This pad is given by Dora and Yen, because it will be 2 years Gotcha day soon at March 11th, and this is the gift, and the fishie also given from them was for Adan, and it also was eaten by me, YEAHHHHHH, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH Dora & Yen!!
小芥:謝謝玉山、玉燕的拜訪~!!!! 我拍得不多在這邊做個簡單的紀錄。謝謝你們送給樂高、阿丹的禮物。感恩~!!!! 還有一包魚柳我會想辦法讓阿丹吃到的XD~~~


玉山 said...


アオソラ said...

阿賢說.. 那隻好肥喔....
我說.. 那是樂高ㄟ@@"
..賢!! 蛤!!??那是樂高??怎麼變這麼肥??...

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Lego! You are a really big big boy! Wow your tail is so wonderful, so strong
the pad is so nice. You are so brave with these lovely friends. Adan-dan you are safe and if you move a bit I would also be there with you. I am glad you got the fishies. I hope Lego saved you some.
You two are so great, and really good friends. I hope you have sunshine and birdies today

後母 said...


Daisy said...

You are very, very brave! If I even hear the doorbell ring, I must run and hide under the bed.

Brian said...

You sure did have a wonderful time!

Anya said...

You are so sweet :-)
Lovely shots ....

Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Your visitors are very nice to bring you gifts.

Cats in Trees said...

They bring presents and fishies? Such visitors you should have every day.

andophiroxia said...

Lego is like a panther!


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