Friday, September 10, 2010


小芥:為了讓很討厭吃藥的阿丹吃藥,獸醫拿出了終極招術:1. 很香的藥粉,老實說我餵過的貓咪藥裡面最香的。 2. 餵藥起司膏:其實有很多貓都喜歡吃起司,不過阿丹沒有很愛,但是,這是個可以嘗試的方法,做法就是拿這種特殊的起司膏,扮著藥粉,要攪拌超過一分鐘,整個味道還有顏色就會變得跟起司膏一模一樣,就像餵化毛膏這樣塞到嘴巴裡就是了,如果沒有流什麼大量的口水就算成功了。不過阿丹還是有抗拒,只有第一次有算是完美的成功。不過我每次弄這款終極藥膏的時候,樂高就非常有自願的感覺要吃,因為真是太吸引他了。
Michico : In order let Adan eats medicine, the vet used the final big trick : 1. the medicine powder smells like food. This might be the best smell of medicine I have ever used, smell just like butter bread. 2. Special cheese cream for feeding medicine, using this cream plus the smelling great medicine powder, and I have to stir over 1 minute and it will become like real cheese, and just put into Adan's mouth. Right now, so far so good, he still not like it, but he could accept it. But everytime I am making this special medicine, Lego wants it so badly, always meow meow to me, he really wants to taste the fake cheese cream, hee hee 


andophiroxia said...

Maybe Lego will never ever have issue with anal sac too!

Brian said...

Poor Lego, trust me, you really don't want it!

慢慢 said...


Anonymous said...

Hoping he heals quickly!

Cory Clark said...

We wanted to stop by & say hi! Thanks for stopping by our blog! Adan, we're sorry to read that you are sick right now - we hope your bum is feeling better soon!!

Lego - you are just too cute, you remind us of JayJay! You really don't want that medicine!! It's not good for you!

Have a happy day!!

~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

m.q said...

Lego just like my lil brother.
he likes almost everything my human gave me..

hugs & kisses;
BoBo Salem, ChaCha & our human


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