Saturday, November 12, 2011

抓蟲調劑;Catching bug for fun

發現一隻小小蟲,我和葛格跟著飛撲了一個小時,這隻蟲詭計多端,有時候停下來,我們看不見,等我們鬆懈之後才又開始飛,哈 ~
我想我們的週末會很熱鬧~ 為了一隻小蟲 ~
We find a little bug, me and Adan catch that bug for an hour, that is a very tricky bug, sometime it hides and when we relax a bit, and it flies again!
I guess we will have a very busy weekend~ For bug~


TabbyNormal said...

We hope you catch it. We wonder what kind it is? We have ladybugs in our house, they are fun to try to catch!

andophiroxia said...

Eat the bug it is tasty!

Daisy said...

Bug huntin' is fun!

THE DUO said...

Yeah....bug is my favorite too! Enjoy hunting!



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