Friday, February 24, 2012

春天三月貓咪展覽大匯集;March has lots of Cat exhibitions

This March in Taiwan, lots of lots of exhibition about cat is coming.
1. 先來講跟我們有關的,目前小芥和小乃合作的貓咪公仔,有在高雄駁二特區的我愛貓咪社影展裡面的商品販賣區,受邀去寄賣商品。如果大家有喜歡我們的公仔,非常歡迎到駁二藝術特區參觀之於可以來看看我們的商品。
First, something about us, there is an exhibition at the south of Taiwan, about cat photograph, the market of that photo exhibition invite us to sell our tiny cat products, so if you interesting our product - tiny cat dolls, you may go there to take a look.

Very adorable.



2. 再來是吳毅平大師又一完美作品:當世界只剩下貓,在台北八樓當代藝術空間展覽。
And Taipei, a master of cat photograph - Wu Yi-Ping,  the subject of his exhibition : When the world only have cat left. So neat! Also started March.

3. 再來是三芝的 貓雜貨咖啡館,有一個很可愛的貓藝術家展覽愛貓畫展。
And another cat painting artist exhibition, started now~

4. 最後是小賢的貓攝影展(有幫阿丹拍照過噢),展覽在台北醫學大學的藝廊,目的是讓平日沒有接觸貓的朋友們也可以感染貓可愛的氣氛。也是整個三月~
And final, the photographer who photoed Adan before, will have a small exhibition at a hospital, she wants to let people who don't reach cat at normal daily could feel the cute of the cat.

So, can you feel the Cat Power?


andophiroxia said...

Wow, so she put pictures of Adan up in the hospital? Can you provide a link to the other artist in the cat world? :D

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Wow! Now that is a very cool thing to do!

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

It must be wonderful to have so many cat exhibitions to go see.

We love your little painted cats!


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