Wednesday, May 16, 2012

超級新造型;Super New Look

Lego : How come I feel so strange on my back?
阿丹:襪.... 這...
Adan : Oooo-oooo, what the....
阿丹:吼!! 很不一樣ㄋㄟ
Adan : look very different~
樂高:真的嗎?我看起來如何? (樂高怕剃刀的聲音,所以暫時戴項圈)
Lego : Really? How do I look? (Lego is afraid of clipper's sound, so wear the collar during shaving)
阿丹:摁...這個....我還是請大仔來幫忙好了~ 畢竟大仔天天剃鬍子,可是姨姨可沒有~
Adan : Well....I should ask Arion help you, after all, Arion shaves himself everyday on the face, but not Michico.
樂高:我覺得好涼爽啊~ 我第一次覺得夏天涼爽~~
Lego : Oah I feel cool~~ This is the first time I feel summer season is cool~
It's not that different at the front, right?
I finally don't have to wear overcoat at summer!!
Okay, still different...~

小芥:樂高的背部冬天很會掉毛,夏天更是滿天飛,而且他是個胖傢伙~ 剃毛後,心情很好到處走、喝水、上廁所,讓我心安不少~ 毛很快就會長回來了,可是樂高會涼爽些~ 大仔的技術真的很好~ 
Michico : Lego is very easily dropping his back fur, especially at summer, and he is afraid of hot, after shaved, he really had great mood, walking around, drinking water and immediately pee, and it made me feel comfy. The fur will grow back soon, but during these time, Lego will cooler, I think Arion really have great skill~~  Don't feel bad for Lego, we have rainy + very very hot and wet summer here, sometimes shave is a nice option :)


andophiroxia said...

It is like Lego popped up his shirt and sagged his pants!

m.q said...

Lego you look very different hahah

BoBo Salem
Meow Meow Family

Anonymous said...

Wow! Lego has a... a... a Razorback look.!



EJ said...

lol, Lego has got a bare back shirt


Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Lego, you will start a whole new fashion craze!!!!!


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