Wednesday, July 4, 2012

抓抓抓;Scratching is Great

Adan : This scratching board is perfect, I love it~

小芥:有個好的貓抓板、貓抓柱,可以幫助你們家的家具維持完美。貓咪一定是要磨爪子的,這是天性~ 貓爪對於貓,是非常重要的身體部位,就如同人類的指甲,甚至比我們的指甲更為重要,只要讓貓習慣在你安排的貓抓板、或是抓柱磨爪,就不用擔心有其他的家具有破壞了~ 這篇文章提供給您做參考:貓有必要去爪嗎?  貓就是如同孩子一樣,你要放下煩躁,有耐性的去教導,他們非常聰慧,會懂得的。在歐美非常多國家都禁止這項手術,你就可以知道,去爪是多麼慘忍虐待的事情。
Michico : With a nice scratching board, it could keep your furniture complete, ha~ I do love seeing cat sharpen their claws, it looks very wild and handsome~ Right now I live with Arion and their parents, I have to watch out to let cats not scratching things they can't, and fortunately, my 2 very smart boys know beans' mind, they only scratch this scratching board, and I am so grateful. My 2 boys are the smartest cats~~


Karen Jo said...

Adan is doing a good job on the scratching board. Herman only scratches his scratchers and Spyro mostly scatches where he is supposed to. I haven't ever seen Oja scratch anywhere.

andophiroxia said...

I wish Emy were that smart... but I think she is, she just doesn't care.


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