Thursday, March 28, 2013

睡美容;Sleeping is so great - An award

We have very cloudly windy day and a little rainy day.
That is so great to have a sleep day.
Nobody could wake us up~
Thank you Sushi, for sharing this award to us~
And it seems we need to answer couple questions, so let's begins:

 1.   What is your favourite colour?
      Adan is red, Lego likes yellow and purple.
 2.   What would you rather do, sit indoors in front of a warm fire or lie on a warm beach alone?
      We are indoor cat, so, sit indoors in front of a warm fire. (we have very warm heater)
 3.   What's your favourite music or favourite recording artists?
      Pigeons singing.
 4.   Any embarrassing moment from your past you would like to share?
      Adan: somewhere or something can't jump on. Lego: Hmmm.... there is no such thing could embarrasse me.
 5.   Top three favourite books.
      Anything about cat photo book.
 6.   Any famous person you wouldn't mind being trapped in a lift with? one is more famous than Adan and Lego, hee hee
 7.   The name of your first pet.
      Adan is my first pet, Lego is second.
 8.   Has your pet ever done anything to embarrass you in public?  
      Well, Lego did few times that he wants food too badly so when Michico brings the foods to his table and he circle around Michico's feet and make his food all sprinkle out.
 9.   One thing you think is wrong with the world.
      Cruelty torture to animals.
10.   What's your favorite movie involving animals?
      Many movie with leading character - Will Smith, because lots of his movie has cat inside. Really!!
11.   If you had a time machine, where would you go?
      We are not quite sure, we are very happy now, there is no any regrets timing so far.


Unknown said...

That is interesting. I like to learn about you! :)

Sushi said...

it's so nice to learn more about you. nice answers!

happy snoozing! =)

Cats Herd You said...

That sounds like a good day for a snooze.

We didn't realize that lots of Will Smith's movies have cats. Now we will have to pay closer attention.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

doods !! say it iz knot sew !!

PIGEONS !!!????

conga ratz on yur awards we enjoyed reedin bout ew both N enjoy yur sleep time...dreem oh bonito flakes :)

we all sew wanna say haza happee week oh end.. we R bak on monday :)

Tamago said...

Napping is the best :-)
Congratulations on your award! I think pigeons and other birds singing sure are great artists :-)

meowmeowmans said...

Congratulations on your Liebster Award! We loved all your answers, and learning more about you. :)

Have a nice sleep, Adan and Lego!

Brian said...

Congratulations on the very nice award and some very nice sleeping!

Unknown said...

So precious are your sleeping pictures.


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