Friday, October 26, 2007

[昔日]阿丹&馬格麗特&佩姬-3,Farewell Friday, my dearest sisters-3

今天又到了回味的週五,前兩次都是由姨姨說,這次由我自己說,聽說姨姨下週五要爆料我這輩子做的最大的錯事,所以這禮拜先讓我表現我的好,嘿嘿,大家是不是很期待下週呢 ? 等等,今天的事情都還沒講呢~!
Today the Farewell Friday comes again, the last 2 sections was speaking by michico. She said this time let me talk. Because next week she gonna dig my the most presumptuous bad thing I have done in my life. So this week, let everyone know my excellence. Ha haha, do you look forward next Friday's story? Hang on, I haven't started this week story~!


Time flies, Peggy - my first younger sister is growing to a beauty. We all grown to 7~8 monthes old. Why did she wear this hat? Because she was infecting with mold, there was a very tiny spot on her tail infected with no fur. Because the spot is very close to body, so it is not easy to keep dry, she always put her tail down. So this hat she was wearing almost 2 monthes.


Peggy also like ASHIRA very much, as you can see many years ago, ASHIRA was so tiny, now is a gaint turtle.

馬格麗特是我最愛的小妹,媽咪和小姨姨都最喜歡她,她也很喜歡爬在人身上,她對媽咪大姨姨和小姨姨都很好,可是對我和佩姬就很嚴厲~! 這張照片是她爬在媽咪身上的樣子~!

Margaret is my youngest lovest sister. Pamilla mommy and Toshie auntie love her the most. She loves to climb on their back. She is very very nice to Pamilla Mommy, Michico and Toshie auntie, but she is very stiff to me and Peggy. This photo was taken on Pamilla's back. 看到這張照片嘛 ? 馬格麗特常常弓起全身的毛對我和佩姬挑釁,她是個全能的運動選手,我和佩姬都一直追隨著她,她是我們三個人中唯一會開窗戶的貓咪,而且很喜歡拔我的鬍子~
See this photo? Margaret often hump her body and her fur will all stand up to aggress me and Peggy, She is a wonderful Olympian, run very fast. Peggy and I always follow her, and she is the only one of us could open window, and she love using her mouth to pluck my whiskers~~

但是~! 我還是愛她們~!
But still, I love them both~!

雖然我那時才七八個月大,但是我已經是個會保護妹妹的男人了~! 看見我瞳孔旁邊透出的綠色嘛,現在我的眼睛已經大部分是綠色的了~!

Although I was 7~8 months old, but I was a mancat already to stand in front of my sister. See the green color in my eyes? Now my eyes are almost green now.


Peggy was like stay behind me as well. She hate to be hug by human. Everytime, whoever hold her, she will cry very loudly and kick around. But she loves to stay with Margaret and Me.

這是我待在大姨姨的懷裡~! 姨姨最愛的就是我了 ~! 姨姨說我很厲害,現在我已經年紀十歲了,她說我竟然比小時後還要漂亮,讓我好開心~!我想天下女人都會忌妒我,越老越漂亮~!

This is the photo that I stay in Michico's arm. Michico loves me the most~! She says I am very good, now I am 10, but I am much more beautiful than my younger look, let me feel so happy~! I think every women in the world will jealous of me, I can be more and more beautiful when I get older and older.
Am I much more beautiful now?

希望大家有個很棒的週末~! 下週五會有一個我一歲時發生的事情的大爆料喔~! 希望大家下週看了還會一樣的愛我~!至少馬麻和兩位姨姨都還是一樣愛我拉...
I hope every friends have a wonderful weekend~! Next Friday will tell you a extremely Big story in the past when I was 1 year old. I hope everyone could still love me after seeing it. At least my Pamilla mommy and michico and Toshie aunite still love me~~~ Hehehehe~~~


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...


無論如何,我還是會愛你, 因為你是丹丹~

andophiroxia said...

Adan, you a cute and handsome. :P

Mickey's Musings said...

Adan you were cute as a baby and cute now.Women will find you beautiful. Lady cats will find you irresistible, heehee

I can't wait till next week!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Gattina said...

Adan you are the greatest !! You get more and more beautiful with age ?? Me too, lol lol !

Daisy said...

Adan, you do keep getting better and better looking! Improving with age is a good quality to have. I liked learning more about your sisters. But I can't wait to find out about the bad thing you did when you were little. Do not worry, I will still love you, even if it is a very bad thing.

Team Tabby said...

Adan, you are a very good looking kitty, you do not look your age at all. You are playful and loving. We can't imagine the bad thing you did, but we are anxiously awaiting to know, hee, hee. It is great to hear about you when you were young and all about your sisters, too.

Moe & Mindy



There is no question you have gotten more handsome with age. You were a cute kitten and now you are just plain gorgeous with such great expressions and such a gentle nature.

You are one sweet guy.

We are all looking forward to next week!


Rascal said...

Adan, what an excellent story about your family. Of course, you are by far the most beautiful.

Forty Paws said...

You are very handsome Adan! And your sisters are beautiful!

Luf, Us

Captain Jack and Sir Dante said...

We love learning more about your family. You were a cute kitty but ayou are a beautiful mancat! We look forward to next Friday and more of the story!

LZ said...

You were very cute then and very handsome now. We can't wait until next week!! The excitement is too much!!!


Anonymous said...

Adan you were very cute as a kitten and so were your sisters. You have grown into a very handsome mancat now. Michico is very lucky that you love her so much.

Icon Baxter Bentley said...

We loves you no matter what next Friday's story brings. The photos are cute, even the hat Peggy wore is cute - but she probably didn't like it.

Sunny's Mommy said...

Your sisters were such cuties. Just like you.

I don't think you're more beautiful now, you were always beautiful. I think you look mature now.

The Cat Realm said...

I think you are right: you were an adorable kitten and youngster but you are an exquisite beauty now!
You are like the most rarest of wines: beautiful and admired and the older you get the more beautiful you will be - if that is even possible!
And within your beauty you still manage to keep that playful kitten expression...
Your fan, Karl

Gaius said...

I just think you are all pretty kitties, I don't think I could pick who is the prettiest or nicest. Meow!

Karen Jo said...

Adan, you do grow more handsome as you age. Your sisters are beautiful. I will still love you, even if you did a very bad thing when you were little.

Unknown said...

Adan, you are very, very beautiful. I love your eyes, they are very pretty!

MaoMao said...

Adan, you are a wunnerfully handsum mancat! And yur sisters are furry purretty. Thankies fur innerducing us to them!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Tybalt said...

Thank you for sharing more about your lovely sisters! Yes, Adan, you are a VERY handsome mancat! I am sure we will all still love you even after we read next Friday's story. =^_^=

Anonymous said...

Your sisters are beautiful, Adan! And you are a very handsome mancat. And you are all so wonderfully photogenic! *smile*

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

Mr. Chen and Ollie said...

Oh Adan, what a great installment of Farewell Friday! You are so beautiful, it's true. We are so anxious to find out what happens to Peggy and Margaret and also what the most bad thing you've done in your life is - what suspense!
Happy Friday, Adan and Michico!
Mr. Chen & Ollie

Boy said...

Indeed you're vewy beautiful Adan!

Anonymous said...

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