Friday, November 9, 2007

[昔日]阿丹&馬格麗特&佩姬-5,Farewell Friday, my dearest sisters-5

小芥 : 在我開始之前,先說一個好玩的,1998年的夏天當阿丹還是一歲的時候,他和我家男孩,就是大仔,見了第一次面,不過當時我和大仔只是朋友,我想阿丹一定在多年後想,奇怪那好幾年前的臭小子怎麼又出現在我面前了...,哈,不過阿丹和大仔的緣分也算不淺囉。
michico : Before I started, first say something interesting, at 1998 summer, Adan met Arion for the first time. But during that time, me and Arion are only friends, I bet Adan thinks after many years : why did this guy appear again, I saw him before, hahahaha... But it also means Adan and Arion have a long relationship, too.

Ok, back to the story, when 3 babies were born, in order avoiding male cat may not good to kitties, so Adan leave Pamilla's bedroom and transfer to live in my room. The others are still living with Pamilla. And this habit continue until now as everybody see. So, maybe someone thinks I am Adan's mom, actually not, at the first beginning, Adan did live with Pamilla. Adan is very happy to live with me, because he doesn't have to share the space with others now. But he still loves Margaret very deeply, everytime he sees her, always cuddle together.

Peggy is a wonderful and beautiful auntie of Margaret&Adan's children, she helped Margaret to take care 3 kids , I was very impressed and touched~!


Basically, when Margaret pregnanted, Pamilla and us have decided, when the babies could leave Mommycat's take care, we will sent the babies to their new forever home. So, I named 3 babies with no very much thinking, I named than Big-Ken, 2nd-Ken and Little Ken. These names are not good, but we think their family in the future will give them good names, so we were not mind at all. (Ken pronounce in Chinese means healthy, all of us wish 3 babies are all healthy)

不過,大健還真是漂亮得出奇。論誰都沒想到,一隻燕尾服貓和一隻虎斑可以交織出如此美麗的花色,大健的美麗真是讓人神心盪漾。這個讓我妹一直愛不釋手,只要看見大健一直就沒有辦法不去抱他。這個大兒子生得真成功~! 所以說,長得漂亮的真的是待遇會很不一樣,大健一直是三個小朋友裡面的明星。

However, Big-Ken is extremely beautiful!!!! No one could ever imagine, a Tuxi and a Tabby could have such beautiful brindle color~! Big-Ken's pretty is always catching Toshie's heart. She can't let Big-Ken leave her hands since the first time met him~! So, the first son is so so success~! Big-Ken is always the great star in the children.

2nd-Ken and Little-Ken are standard Tuxi cat, also every cute, they are not athletics like Adan & Peggy & Margaret, but also have great power sometimes. 這是阿丹和大健玩捉迷藏~!

This is Adan is playing hide-and-seek with Big-Ken~!


This is Adan sniffed 2nd-Ken~!


This is the first time Adan saw Little-Ken~!


After less than 2 months, Big-Ken has been adopted, 9 years ago, there was no blog. So, we can't place the adoption news or photo on internet. So if there are cats in family, it's not easy to send out. But by dint of Big-Ken's beautiful, a net-friend came to our house only saw Big-Ken once, she made her decision to adopted Big-Ken. I am not familiar with that net-friend, but as I know, when Big-Ken is 7 month old, he become an eunuch and quickly fat. When Big-Ken is 1 year old, he is a very big cat around 7~8kgs. Much more weight than Adan. Adan is never over 5kgs.
你可以想像這樣子可愛的貓咪八公斤嘛? 我不能...
Can you imagine a cute cat like this 8kgs? I couldn't...

阿丹 : 大健一定沒有我跳得高~!
Adan : Big-Ken must can't jump that high like me~!

小芥 : 1999那年夏天,爸爸再娶,而這個女人,很不喜歡小動物,特別是貓,她非常討厭貓(我媽也是超討厭的,為何很多長輩都討厭?嗯在這說明一下,小芥的媽在小芥14歲的時候就因為子宮頸癌過世了)。送走大健之後,就是一連串的難過分離,有時候我看著阿丹這樣子的表情,我常常偷偷猜測,阿丹應該有在想念著馬格麗特吧...

michico : And at 1999 summer, Daddy (Adan's grandpa )was getting married again, and this woman hates animal, especially cats, she extremely hates cats, don't know why... Hmmm, ok, I make some description here, Michico's mom was going to the rainbow bridge at michico 14 because of cervical cancer(1994). After sending Big-Ken away, it continue a lots of sadly seperate and seperate and seperate... Sometimes I see Adan this expression, I always think Adan is missing Margaret right now...

Until the next week


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LZ said...

Oh Adan I did not not any of this about you! I am so sorry for Michicho's loss of her mother, that must have been so hard. I'm sure all of this has been hard on you as well with everything changing. I did not know you were an intact male. That is very interesting! I am happy to be hearing about your story. It is sad but I feel closer to you knowing more.


Unknown said...

Those are some really neat baby kitty pictures.

Anonymous said...


Mickey's Musings said...

Adan,your kitties are very cute,especially Big-Ken. I am sure you must miss them .
Michico,I am sorry for the loss of your Mother.That must have been hard at such a young age( or at any time)
I cannot wait until next Friday.
I look forward to Friday not just because of the weekend, but because of your story.


MaoMao said...

Awwww, big huggies to you and Michico, Adan! I'm so sorry to hear that Michico lost her momma at such a young age. Alla our hearts go out to her!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...


忽然覺得滿難過的,因為阿丹現在正一隻喵喵孤零零的在家裡,如果至少有個馬格麗特陪著他那該有多好呢 ?



Karen Jo said...

Oh, Michico, I am so sorry that you lost your mother at such a young age. That must have been very hard. I am so glad that all of Adan's kittens found good forever homes. Big-Ken is very cute. I also have trouble imagining him as an 8kg cat.

snowforest said...

Oh these are all such cute and wonderful pictures through time. So sorry Michico for your loss. Purrs and love to you all from Snow and Forest :)

Anonymous said...

哈哈哈 ^^

Daisy said...

Adan, you must be very proud because you made such cute babies! I like the picture of you looking at Little Ken for the first time. I am very sad that Michico's mom had to go to the Rainbow Bridge.

Ramses said...

Oh Adan your kittens were so lovely! I'm sorry that you couldn't keep them all with you... I miss my own kittens too, but know the parents of the people who adopted them and know they have wonderful homes... I am also so sorry you lost your Mom so young michico, that can't have been easy...

Many purrs,



How sweet and adorable your babies were as wee little ones. I know you must miss them. I have been enjoying your story and look forward to each installment on Fridays. We are so sorry to learn of your Michico's loss of her young.

WE will keep you all in our purrs

Anonymous said...

We are so sorry to hear that Michico lost her mom at such a young age.

The kittens are adorable and it is good to hear that they went to good homes.

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Our hearts are very sad to learn that Michico's gramma died form cervical cancer.

We are so happy to learn all of this new information about you and Michico.
Your whole family has been through many changes, some good ones, some very difficult ones. It is good that you, Adan, have been constant and strong in your love.
This is a very important job. My mommie's big sister died in 2000 of brain aneurysm and I was a big help to my mommie.... a VERY big help.

We love the names, Ken means healthy. We like that!

(((hugs))) and purrrs, Caesar, your tuxie brother in the US

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Captain Jack and Sir Dante said...
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Captain Jack and Sir Dante said...

We are sorry to learn that Michico lost her Mommy so early. It's always good to learn more about friends and we are thankful that you have shared this with us. Your kittens were beautiful Adan, just like you!!

Anonymous said...

It was interesting to read about your life back in the 20th Century ;-) All those adorable kitten pictures were nice, too.

Mr. Hendrix said...

Big hugs to you and Michico, Adan. Purrrrs too.
You made very cute little babies Adan. I didn't know you are a daddy! The pictures are very very cute. Thank you for sharing.

I can't wait to read the rest of the story.

Team Tabby said...

This week your story is both happy and sad. Happy because your kittens were healthy, cute, and got good homes. We are sad to find out Michico lost her mother to cancer.
We are enjoying your stories so much, especially the Friday ones.

Moe & Mindy

Anonymous said...

Michico - You take such wonderful pictures of the precious kitties. And you give wonderful stories of them. We thank you so much for that.

Adan - You are one lucky kitty with such a good Mommy!

Skeeter and LC

Tybalt said...

What a happy and yet sad story, Michico and Adan! I can't wait to hear the rest.

Forty Paws said...

What a story Adan! We are sorry you are missing Margaret and we are sorry to learn that Michico's mom passed away from cervical cancer when Michico was so young.

Beautiful pictures of the baby kitties.

Luf, Us

Unknown said...

They are so cute! cats are so lovely when they are young, I love them :)

Kisses and Purrrsss!

Jimmy Joe said...

This is such an exciting story. Your little kittens were really cute, Adan. That's sad that your Michico lost her momma all those years ago, though. It's a good thing she has you around.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

cat_aunty said...

Wow A-Dan, you babies were beautiful!!!! I am glad to know that Ken found a loving furrever home.

I am sorry to hear that you would be separated with your family, and for a long time after that.

If things became better for you in 2005, and I am not sure how old Michico is, I think the whole "difficult situation" last for 7-8 years??

Hugz to everyone.

Anonymous said...

michico姨姨和阿丹葛格,Mochi妹妹來給你們一個大大的擁抱,把過去傷心的事情忘記,保留住甜蜜的回憶~ 一定要幸福喔~

Mr. Chen and Ollie said...

Adan, we tried to post this yesterday but bloger gave us an error - grrr! We LOVE reading yoru Farewell Friday strories. Your baby kens are so adorable! It must have been a very sad time indeed to lose them and your gradma. We are very sorry to hear that Michico's mommy went to the Rainbow Bridge when Michico was so young. That must have been very very hard on her. It is a good thing you were there to help comfort her.
We hope you had a great weekend!
Mr. Chen & Ollie

The Furry Fighter said...

oh ise very sad to learn bout michico's mummy going to the bridge :( i bet things have been very tough in your home but i can see what a wonderful family you still are and i think michico mum would be very proud of her daughter xxx


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