Friday, November 16, 2007

麥克Mike週,送別和最後的訪問,Leaving and Mike's Interview Questions12~20/20

michico : Last night, I took Mike to Shihlin Night Market, this is the place nearest Adan's place, ShihLin Night Market is the one that tourist must come through, it is the No.1 famous Taiwan spot in Tourist heart. When I first know this record, I am also surprised, but it's true. There are tourists here everynight~!

Then, let's invite Mike doing the last interview questions to Adan :
12. 你們的城市看起來很棒,告訴我一些你們家這裡的天氣還有環境,你們家附近有些什麼特色?
12. You have a very nice place here; tell me about your weather and your surroundings, what is it like outside your house? (Mountains, seaside, desert, woods, etc.)
Adan : The features are there are night market next to our house, so people eating things are easier and convenient, and there is a mountain next to ShihLin, so, it hold some monsoon, not easy to get rain. And let me show you the night market near my house, this is our surrounding.
This is the night market at evening :
Mike at the Night Market's temple.
This is Night Market at night, Mike is very surpised, there are so many people~!
Hey Mike, stay close with Michico~!
This is the most famous fried Chicken in ShihLin, there is always a long long line here, do you see a girl holding her doggie waiting for the fried Chicken? Michico brought me one to eat, it's really good, it's juicy and great taste~!

This Pepper Pasty is also very famous, there is always line up, too. See the right side that foreign tourist? Michico also brought me this to eat, the Pasty-skin is very crisp, and inside the beef and green onion is awesome~!

This is Water fry-fun, it's always lots of people as well, Michico also brought one for me, the stuffings inside is vegetable and pork, that is very very delicious~!


13. 你是個戶外的貓咪或者是你是個室內的貓咪呢?室內貓,我很怕去外面的。
13. Are you an inside only cat or do you get to go outside?
Adan : I am an inside cat, I am afraid of going outside.

14. 請問你有對你的飼主保留一些秘密嗎?有時候我和Gretchen會秘密進行一些事情嚇到她媽媽,你會做一些類似會嚇到你的人類的事情嗎?
14. Do you keep secrets from your beans? Sometimes Gretchen and I conspire against her mom bean in the middle of the night. It really freaks her out. Do you do things like that?
There are not many things I can keep secrets, but I try. Sometimes I do something interesting, like I love stay in front of bathroom's door while Michico or Pamilla mommy is taking bath. After they open the door and seeing me they will surprised, or shock, that will make me happy.

15. 你有沒有偷偷隱藏一些你的天賦呢?
15. Have you been gifted with any hidden talents?
I think I have telepathy. Hehehehehe~!

16. 你們家有沒有讓你困擾的地方?或者是你害怕什麼呢?
16. Is there anything in your house that bothers you? That you're afraid of?
Oah, Yes. I like to open every drawers in my house and adventure, it really bothers me that I can't get inside every drawer. But I am afraid of when I get in, Pamilla and Michico will displease~! There are some place I am not allowed to go.

17. 你會偷偷靠近還有捕捉活生生的生物像是老鼠還是蜘蛛還是別的?你會偷偷去捕捉它們嗎?或者是其他類似的什麼生物?
17. Do you stalk and capture real live critters like mice, spiders and stuff? What kinds of critters do you stalk? Do you eat what you catch?
Well, I catch some bugs, yes. But there are no mice in my house, a little few spiders and tiny one, if Michico didn't see bugs before me, I usually catch them for fun.

18. 你有兄弟姊妹或者是任何跟你一起居住的寵物嗎?你跟他們如何相處呢?
18. Do you have siblings or housemates? Do you get along with them?
Right now, I am an only cat, but I have a turtle - ASHIRA.

19. 你有你的最愛嗎?
19. Do you have a sweetheart?
My Pigeon sister? Noooooo, it's my Pamilla Mommy, Toshie Auntie and Michico~!

20. 平常你最喜歡做的活動是什麼呢?
20. What is your most fun activity?
Playing Toys for sure~!!!

Mike : Adan and Michico, thanks for your invite this time, I am really really happy. This trip and interview is now finished.
Adan : We are also glad you can be here~! Next time you may come again, there are more places you haven't been there~!
Adan and Mike cuddle together at the last night.
Michico : Next day morning, with Arion, we bring Mike to the airport, Mike, have a safe flight, please say hi to Gretchen for me~!
Mike : I will~!


Anonymous said...


這個週末聽說會下探17度 ,小芥跟阿丹要記得保暖ㄛ!

Mike said...

Hi, Adan and Michico. I'm still flying home and I love flying now. That was a great idea to take a plane from the airport. I will find a phonebooth when I get to PDX and teleport the rest of the way home.

And it was so great that my passport worked. I didn't have any trouble at all.

You two have been great host, and I had the most wonderful time. I think I gained a few pounds from all that delicious food we had at the Night Market. What a great place. And what a great place Taipei is. It's filled with so many wonderful things that I can't imagaine ever having had the chance to see. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You were great fun to be with. I learned so much at your place.

I really enjoyed napping with you, Adan. Thanks for sharing your napping places with me and your sister kitty stories. I've got a lot of wonderful memories to cherish forever.

Thank you, too, for answering all my interview questions. I loved all your answers and they will help me write my story about our visit.

Many, tight, warm hugs...sweet friends... Mike the World Traveler

Anonymous said...

Oh I think you will miss that great visit from Mike. I hope he has fun at PDX. I miss Portland sometimes.

MaoMao said...

Wowie kazowie, it sounds like Mike had such a wunnerful time with you and Michico, and that you were such fabyoolus hosts! Efurry pickshure of Mike he has a big adorable smile on his fuzzy face, so I know he's had the bestest time! And I loved readin' yur answers to his inturview qwestchuns!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Daisy said...

You really showed Mike a great time! The Night Market looks very fun. And I see you got lots of very delicious foods, too!

Unknown said...

Wow you two had a great time together :)
Its so cute the little black cat in the photos with the little smile in the face :P I love it! jeje

Kisses and Pursss!

Monty Q. Kat said...

Wow! Mombean wants to go to the Night Market now!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Oh this was a great day for Mike.
The night market looks like a lot of fun, very crowded and busy, very much to look at.
Adan, you and Michico were very good hosts to invite Mike into your home.

This is a friendship to be treasured forever!

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Wonderful photos of the market, Adan. It looks very interesting. :) Great questions and answers too!

The Crew said...

You gave Mike a wonderful tour. Thanks for letting us come along.

You know Adan, there are many lovely young girlcats who would be interested in having you as a boyfriend. I think if you placed a "lonely heart" ad on your blog or over at the cat blogosphere, you would get many replies!


Anonymous said...


Icon Baxter Bentley said...

hello Adan,
I am very glad that you and Mike had such a nice time. The Shihlin Night Market is very interesting!! I can see why tourists like it so much.

Anonymous said...

Adan, you were such a good host. He went to so many great places. We hope we can be as good hosts when he visits us!

Skeeter and LC

Anonymous said...

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andophiroxia said...

I want to go to the night market now!

But then.... I love food;;;

The Misadventures Of Me said...

It sounds like Mike hads lots of fun with you Adan.

I didn'ts forgets you said you were working on your entry to our contest. If Michico wants to photoshop a picture of you that is fine as well.

Sasha said...

Your night market looks so exciting Adan. I think I would be too nervous to go out into a busy street like that, as I like things very quiet. Lynettea would enjoy it though. Perhaps if I had a confident cat, like you, with me Adan it wouldn't be so frightening. Mike seems to have enjoyed his adventure.

Anonymous said...

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