Tuesday, February 5, 2008

換燈泡、餅乾;Changing light bulb & cookies

Adan : Dear Great Friends, my servant might helping me visit friends slower, because CNY(Chinese New Year) needs to do many things, so it will lose some internet time. So sorry~! I am sure I will push my servant do the best she can:).
Michico : a ladder and what is Adan looking at?


Adan : Michico is changing the light bulbs in bedroom, because there are 3 dark. And in order to shoot me well, she is changing the yello light to the white light.

真恐怖,姨姨,不要摔下來喔!!!! 因為燈具很重,一直晃來晃去的,讓我非常緊張。

So scary, Michico.... Please don't fall down !!! Because the light shell is very heavy, so it's shaking on Michico's hands, I am so worry!!!


Adan : and now...I could finally take good sleep. It's all done. 加州的一個貓友寄給大姨姨一袋禮物,是她親手烤的餅乾。還有很多小禮物。

andophiroxia sent a box of cookie to Michico, there are her handmade cookies!!!And many little gifts~!!! Thank you so so much, andophiroxia!!!!!!


Once you open the box, it's full of cookie's odor~!

小芥:看起來就很讚吧~!!!!! 慚愧;我以前做餅乾好像是國中家政課了,挖哈。

Michico : So great~!!!! The texture of cookie is amazing~! So so yummy~!


This is throughing Skype with Andophiroxia, let her see michico is eating cookies and took snapshots~!!!! It's super delicious I think, Michico is very very happy~!


Anonymous said...

mmMMMmmm cookies!

Lux said...

It's a good thing you were there to help Michico with the light bulbs!

Mom says those cookies look delicious - I'm not sure, though. Maybe with nip! :)

Anonymous said...


Kimo and Sabi said...

Mmmmmm - yummy!

Kavan said...

I'm glad Michico is OK changing the light! The cookies looked very yummy! Happy New Year!


andophiroxia said...
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andophiroxia said...

I am happy that you love the cookies. I am glad you ate them! It was good to see you photograph them and eat them XD.

Happy CNY!

Anonymous said...


Gretchen said...

Adan, I'm so glad Michico got the light bulb changed safely. The cookies also look very tasty.

Thank you for sending my mom bean the beautiful card. She loved it and it made her feel all warm inside to see how many friends she has that care about her and me.

She is doing a bit better every day and goes to the Doctor tomorrow. He's not the heart doctor, but she said she will get some of the answers from him tomorrow.

Thank you both for being beautiful friends to us. We love you...Gretchen and Mom Bean Dorothy

And Happy New Year!

Luna und Luzie said...

MMMMh the cookies looks so delicious. What a great gift for Michico!
It is always so interesting to observe the humans with the homeworks. Changing the light bulb is exciting because of the interesting stair the humans climb up and down.

Sorry Michico and Adan we don´t came around the last days because we are busy with a lot of birthday partys here. 3 humans had or have birthday in February.

Oh I forgot : Happy New Year!

Purrs and hugs
Luna and Stefanie

Boy said...

Those cookies wook yummy!

Ramses said...

Oh my Dad and d'boy love cookies!

Pet's are 4 Life said...

yes our Momma doesn't like to get on the ladder often to change the light bulb neither! Its very scary!!

Daisy said...

Yikes, tell Michico to be careful yp there on that ladder! Those cookies look delicious. I met Andophiroxia not too long ago, and she is very nice!

Anonymous said...

Cookies! We like to snoopervise when Mom bakes cookies. Happy CNY Michico & Adan!

Unknown said...

Mmmm those cookies looks great! Did Michico let you taste some? hehe

Kisses and Hugs!!

Parker said...

Those cookies look delish! Happy CNY!

Gattina said...

So you get ready for the New Year ! and it's a year for cats because it's the year of rats, lol ! The cookies look delicious, and I very much liked your post about the wedding ! Beautiful pictures and beautiful bride. It's nice that Michico could meet all your fans ! You became a Star in Blogworld !

Icon Baxter Bentley said...

She sent so many yummy cookies!!

I hope you have a happy fun and safe CNY!! I've been hearing about it on TV here.

Monty Q. Kat said...


Rosemary B❤️ said...

We do not have skype... we have iChat

those cookies look very yummy. we cannot wait to have a package from Andophiroxia. She baked for me and mommie too. :-)

When your mommie is finished cleaning she should come over here and help mommie clean. Mommie always changes the lights with the heavy glass. She is always the most careful

Love always, Prinnie

cat_aunty said...

Amazing!!! I never know you can send cookies through mail! And they were all intact!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Michico is very busy with preparing for CNY. I hope she was able to get the heavy light cover back on.

Those cookies look yummy. Our Mom hardly ever bakes anymore and Lucy loves Mom's cookies.


OOOO coooookkkkiiiieee! Nom nom nom nom....

I am glad you where there Adan to help with the lightbulbs....


Mickey's Musings said...

Adan,it is good of you to be there for Michico :)
I am happy she took a break and had those yummy looking cookies!!
I know Michico is very busy, so do not worry about visiting.We will visit you instead.
Happy CNY!!!
Purrs Mickey

Anonymous said...

Those cookies look delicious.Have a very Happy New Year :)

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

Those cookies sure look good. Do they have nip in them?

Tybalt said...

Adan, I am glad Michico didn't fall like my mommy did! Those cookies look very yummy . . . did Michico share?

LZ said...

I guess that might be one good thing about having a Tall Man around. He just reaches up to change light bulbs with ease!


Unknown said...

Oh those cookies look very yummy! Are you helping Michico clean?

The Furry Kids said...

Good job helping Michico change the light bulb. That is very hard work. I hope she shared those delicious-looking cookies with you. :)


None said...

Cookies... my lady servant made some chocolate chip cookies yesterday to comfort someone at work thats going through a rough patch but she didn't even let me put my paw in the batter! You should be proud of Michico, one of the kitchen bulbs is burnt for a good 6 months already and the lazy male servant still hasn't gotten to it.


Just Ducky said...

Happy New Year to you!

Sunny's Mommy said...

The cookies look very yummy!


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