Monday, May 26, 2008

大姨姨的手是香餑餑;Pamilla's hands are yummy~

樂高:下週,我再洗一次澡,我就可以跟阿丹葛格見面了~! 好期待跟葛格一起玩一起睡,希望葛格愛我。
Lego : I still have a medicine bath next week, and I can see Adan brother finally! I am looking forward sleep with brother, play with brother, I sincerely hope that Adan brother will love me!
Lego : Meanwhile, Michico announce one important decision to me makes me so happy, too : “ByeBye Plate!” I don't have to wear the plate~!
Lego : another thing I like to tell everybody that I love biting Pamilla's hands, maybe bite 1 time on Michico's hands, twice on Toshie's... but as long as Pamilla's hand reach to me, I will crazy bite bite bite. No matter how they stop me, whap my ass, I never stop. Pamilla's hands are the best. (Michico : The strange thing is, Adan loves biting Pamilla's hands, too!)
Lego : Oah so good to bite, let me bite, let me bite, let me bite bite bite!!!!
Michico : If Lego bites me too hard I stop him he will stop. But Lego never stop biting Pamilla's. you could click all the photos bigger to see my sister's hand all bite marks!
Michico : Can you believe these photos were shooting in 1 hour? Not collecting for days, but only shoot in 1 hours for so many biting photos. Lego really bites Pamilla's hands for totally a whole afternoon!!!
Michico : I don't like Lego biting Pamilla's hands because Pamilla's skin allergic to cat's saliva. Her hands will swell. Before a month, I used to swell, too. But now I won't swell anymore, but Pamilla started swell after biting all the time. She always swell to cat's saliva.
Lego : So great~! Pamilla's hands is the best yummy toy~!
Lego : See how good I am~! Even Pamilla lifts my back feet up, I still could grab Pamilla's another hand biting hardly lift together~! I don't care, I just bite bite bite!!!
Lego : Take a half minute break, look at my record!
Michico : Please click bigger the photo as below, Pamilla even needs to move his mouth away to make him stop. But his teeth will be back again, Lego is totally crazy!!
小芥:你們看大姊的手!!! 左邊是剛剛咬完,右邊是咬完後十分鐘,整個都腫起來。好恐怖啊!!!!!! 而且就算是貓爪抓到的地方也是會這樣腫起來。雖然過了半個小時後,腫起來的部分就會又平回去,可是還是真的很怵目驚心。可以點大看!!! 各位樂高的粉絲們,就算你們皮膚不會過敏,也請小心這個小孩很愛咬咬,別說我沒警告過你們喔。我已經打算他放出去讓阿丹好好治他了!
Michico : Would you please look at Pamilla's hand? The left one is just finished the bite, and and right one is after 10 mins, all the bite marks were swelling!!!!! So so scary!!!!! You could bigger the photos~! Although her skin will be reduction back after 20 mins, but still very very shocking! I have decided after Lego free to meet Adan, I will let Adan "teaches" Lego.
樂高:繼續咬~! 姨姨,你的手就永遠跟我在一起好不好?
Lego : And more bite, Pamilla, could your hand be with me forever?
Pamilla : Get away~~~~
Lego : Oah... Pamilla leaves me again, I will wait until she comes in and bite her again.
Pamilla : It better...


Anonymous said...


andophiroxia said...

It is not nice to chew on Pamilla, Lego. Her skin is not as good as bacon.

So ask Mommy to give bacon to you.

Anonymous said...


你.....你...你好有良心噢... >"<


Anonymous said...


Mickey's Musings said...

Oh Lego,you look so innocent in that last picture!!!!!!
Mom has the same problem. Her skin reacts if she gets bitten or scratched. But that does not stop her from teasing and playing with us! Heehee!!
You look great without your plate too :)
Purrs Mickey

Anonymous said...


Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

Your head pate is gone, Lego! Hurray, hurray, hurray!!!

We hope it never comes back...

Ramses said...

Oh I like to put the bitey on Dad's hands when he fusses my belly in bed! Now if My Mummy does the same I don't put the bitey on her, even if both of them are fussing me at the same time I know which had needs the bitey! ;)

Anonymous said...


Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Yikes! Poor Pamilla. :( Lego, we think you need to learn not to bite Pamilla. We are glad you no longer have to wear a plate!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...



Anonymous said...


Daisy said...

Hooray, no more plate-head! Lego, I bite my Mommie all the time and make little teeth marks in her hand. She has tried to make me stop for a very long time, but nothing has worked. I guess I am just a biter.

Monty Q. Kat said...

Lego, easy wwith the biting! Beans don't like that!

Anonymous said...

hi! i dont think pamilla is sensitive to cat saliva, its jus sensitive to scratches or abrasions to the skin surface. i have that problem too & if i accidently scratch myself with something, the place scratched will pop up for abt 10-15mins & be back to normal. sometimes its even itchy! but nothing serious though! :)

Anonymous said...


Honey P. Sunshine said...

Pamilla is a good sport, lego, yoo have a cute chubby tummy!

Anonymous said...

No more plate of Lego? Oh, bo!! We are ashamed to say that we will miss the plate a little bit! hahaha!

Gandalf use to like to bite Mom, too. But everytime he bit, Mom popped him in the nose. Gandalf must've decided that nose-popping was not worth it and he stopped biting!

Chrissie said...

A Bite-a-thon! I think you are making up for many weeks wearing that plate-Yay! No plate!

Tara said...

Lego, you need to learn what Dad always told me, a phrase we use in America "Pull your punches!" (punches like what a fighter does). I'm so glad you lost your plate!

((Hugs)) from me and Kavan!

Forty Paws said...

Wowwee! You put some serious bites on Pamilla!

Luf, Us

The Misadventures Of Me said...

Lego, look out, you would get a squirty bottle after you if you lived here with us. That squirty bottle is an evil water squirter! Yuck!!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Caesar and I never bite, but Pierro sometimes does. Mom tells him to be gentle or he will get in trouble!

I loved so much the Mancat Sunday Polo pictures, Adan!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lego! you're doing great with the baths! 頑張ってね!
And show mercy to people's hand! little vampire xDDDD

Take care Michico! Lego is looking good and Adan very fashionable!

Tyler said...

Bye-bye Little Mr. Plate Head! Woo-Hoo, Yeah!!!

Now Lego, you must learn it is not polite to bite Pamilla's hand. She doesn't have thick cat skin and fur. You are hurting her. Now be a sweet boy and just bite your toys instead, okay.

Pamila, have you tried crying with a high pitched yelp when he first bites your hand? Mom had to do that with Jake. He soon turned his bites into loving licks. Now he licks mom's hand like crazy whenever she rubs his belly, something that used to cause biting. You might try it, although Lego seems to REALLY love biting your hands and Jake never got to that point.

My mom sends kisses to little plateless Lego. That last picture of him has here swooning...

Mr. Chen and Ollie said...

Wow! Makes us want to bite Pamilla's hands, too! Maybe she washes them in Tuna Juice? ..: hugs :.. to you both!
Mr. Chen & Ollie

Unknown said...

Oh Lego, you should try not to bite Pamilla's hands so much. Maybe you need a chew toy, like a puppy?!

I am so glad that you don't have to wear a plate anymore - you look so handsome!

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Lego I am so pleased that you are such a vicious little cat! He he he...

MaoMao said...

Wowie, Lego! You sure are a nibbler. Dorydoo likes to nibble on Momma, but she doesn't break out in bumpies, so she's lucky. We Ballicai are so glad you don't have to wear yur plate anymore and we can't wait to hear about you and Adan's meeting! We're sure you'll be great bruthers and great furriends.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michico,

This happens to my mom to when I bite her she also is allergic.Tell Pamilla to wear gloves it works :)

Lux said...

Haha, way to go, Lego! I was a biter, too, when I was a kitten. Nothing would stop me. (I think I was teething.)

Now I just bite gently every now and then!

Just Ducky said...

Be careful when you give your mum and furiends the bitey. Be Gentle. little one.

Evergreen loves Kilroy said...

I bet Pamilla's hands taste like TUNA!

Anonymous said...


Sunny's Mommy said...

I'm so glad you don't have to wear your plate anymore. That's wonderful news!

LZ said...

The Bite Game!! I am very skilled at this game as well. The Woman always yells at the Awesome Man for playing with me that way but its so much fun!


Deana said...

To look at that last picture you'd think he is an angel. How well I remember those kitten bites when they were in that WILD mood. My hands do the same thing and it itches so bad. It hurts!!! I don't like it either.

L. Alida said...

Lego, no plate! Yay! Now honey you must stop biting Pamilla. Are you teething? I have so much catching up to do with your blog. I will read and read. :)
I can't wait for Adan and Lego to meet.

Toffee K. Ripple Fuzzypants & Feline American Angels said...

Ouch! The bitey hurts too much, Lego! No more biting Pamilla's hand.

Team Tabby said...

Wow, Lego, those are big welts on Pamilla's hand from your biting. You need some chew toys!

Mindy & Moe

Tesla and Hansel said...

Lego! i like to nom meh mommehs hands alla tim, but she no let mez. she yells NO! an push meh away. Not nice.

Anita said...

Muahahahahahahahaha! Lego, you are an authentic "apprentice of gatorrista"... Muahahahahahaha!!!!

Anonymous said...



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