Thursday, March 17, 2011

乖孩子樂小高的睡樣;Good kid Lego's sleeping face

Michico : During these everyday has to feed medicine, extra more water, Lego's behave is perfect~ And I am so proud of him.
樂高不吵不鬧,等待葛格吃飽了,喝完水了,才會請我給他吃東西。(我飼料都放很多,只是我倒一天份的份量他10分鐘內就喀掉了=.= 我可沒有餓他肚子啊)
Lego didn't make any noise or annoy his brother, he always patiently wait Adan finish his medicine, finish feeding extra water then he asks for his own food. (Actually I give him lots of food everyday, but he always could clean the whole plate in 10 mins, and the same size of plate, Adan needs to take whole day. Lego is really eating a lot, hee hee~) 
平常最愛找葛格打架,最近也都沒有打葛格 (樂高:因為我怕頭套~)
Normally, Lego likes bothering his brother and wrestling with Adan, but he didn't do it lately (Because I am so afraid of that green collar~ Don't put it on me~)
Lovely kid Lego, Adan can play wrestling with you soon!


Christie said...
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andophiroxia said...

Like any good brother, you know your boundaries....

Gemini and Ichiro said...

You are such a good cat Lego!

Cat said...

Lego you are such a good boy!!! Don't worry Adan will be better soon and you can play together again :-)

Luna und Luzie said...

Lego you are such a sweety!!! We know you are a good boy!!!

m.q said...

such a very precious face


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