Saturday, May 7, 2011

星期一見;See you on Monday

阿丹:本週末 大仔和姨姨不在家,所以我們這兩天就不寫部落格了。這兩天我們待在姨姨的娘家。
 Adan : This weekend, Arion and Michico is not home, so we can't able to blog these days, these 2 days we are staying at Michico's original home to play with Toshie auntie~!
As the collar issue, I got tetter on my neck so I have to wear, I hope I can get better soon~


Brian said...

I sure hope you get that cone off soon Adan, many purrs!

Gemini and Ichiro said...

I hope you get better soon too! And that your people get home!

Mr Puddy said...

Sure ! You will be better so soon, Adan.
I do heap of purrs for you. and Have a nice relaxing weekend. Just take it easy !
Take Care

Cat said...

Poor Adan! We hope you will be better soon!!!

andophiroxia said...

Don't get it wet!

THE DUO said...

Get well soon....miss your super jump..

Ariel said...

Hope your neck feels better soon..Hug


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