Monday, May 9, 2011

雙心石滬;Twin Heart Stone Weir

This weekend, we went to PengHu, very small islands next to Taiwan, but also belongs Taiwan. You can see here:  to understand. PengHu has more than 60 islands, and we went to 6 islands this time. It was a very busy travel, hee hee~
There is a spot that I have to be there, that is "Twin Heart Stone Weir", the stone weir is for fisherman to catch fishes, when the tide rises, it will bring the fish into the weir, and when the tide ebbs, the fish will keep inside the weir can't go anywhere. Usually the stone weir only have One "bag" and it's heart shape, but this one is different, the Only Twin Heart stone weir of all, you can't see any other twin heart at other place. And everyone think the people who love each other can be there to made their promise, it will help love stronger. 
And I go down first next to the twin heart to see it closely, the stone weir is very big~
And Arion and I have our LOVE photo next to the Twin Heart Stone Weir. And this is the place you have to go to PengHu then you could see this beautiful scene.  Isn't it beautiful?
And this flat rock at left the people in PengHu called it "Small Taiwan", because the shape is almost the same.
There are lots of cats at PengHu, made me very happy, this travel I shot 19 cats.

The sea also very clean, much cleaner than Taiwan's sea, very beautiful~
Such beautiful place~
The beautiful of here, really took our breath away~
Wish these adorable cats could live happily ever after at this beautiful place~


andophiroxia said...

Such a beautiful place to study at....

Gemini and Ichiro said...

It is beautiful. What a lovely place to visit.

Brian said...

That really is a very pretty place! The kitties were pretty too!

Cat said...

Very beautiful!

The Furry Kids said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing them with us.


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