Saturday, August 27, 2011

不一起看鏡頭;Not see the lens together

 Adan sees the lens, Lego doesn't~
And when I focus on Adan, Adan doesn't look at the lens, but Lego does~
喂~ 你們兩個就不能同時看鏡頭嗎?
Hey! Don't you just look at the lens together? 


Gemini and Ichiro said...

Keep her hopping. You don't want to make those great shots too easy for her do you?

Mickey's Musings said...

We do not look at the lens either :) We like to tease Mom for a while first.
Sometimes,Mom has to be sneaky to get us looking at the lens !
Purrs Tillie & Georgia

andophiroxia said...

Cats we have found, do NOT make anything so worthwhile so easy.


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