Thursday, December 15, 2011


小芥:這是玉山姨姨送的禮物,三罐其中一罐~ 看起來就很好吃~
Michico : This was a gift from Dora to Adan, she wishes Adan could drink more water~
阿丹是不吃肉塊的,樂高是很愛吃~ 可是樂高已經夠肥了,每次罐頭阿丹都只喝湯,樂高都吃肉~
Adan actually doesn't eat wet food, but Lego loves it.Usually the wet food Adan drinks the soup only, and Lego eats the wet meat. But Lego is BIG enough....
於是,就使用攪拌器,把罐頭 + 水攪拌成泥。阿丹一臉很有興趣的樣子~
So, I use the blender, plus the can food + water, and it attractive Adan~
阿丹:好吃~  好好吃~
Adan : Yummy~~~
I want one of those tomorrow, too!


andophiroxia said...

Emy does that too. However, she eats mostly the meat. Maybe I should blend it too...

Daisy said...

Mmm, that looks delicious! When I eat canned food, I prefer pate style.


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