Monday, June 16, 2008

後母夫婦搶頭香;Gina and her husband visit Adan & Lego

Adan : Yesterday, Gina and her husband came to visit me. Before she came, she keeps asking Michico says she afraid that I already forget her, because she hasn't see me for a long time. But, I don't forget her, while she opened the door, I rub and rub her hand, and lied down on the floor let her pet me. (The white arrow is her husband's foot, you can click larger)

Adan : And I gave Gina lots of nose kisses, I really remember her, kiss her and like her!!!!
Adan : See how tender cat I am~! I really have great memory I can remember who loves me and treats me well, I all remember~!
阿丹:其實今天後母姨姨來是要取得樂高的頭香喔。後母不但是看樂高的頭香,也是看我的頭香喔。頭香一百分拉。 (後母竟然帶了相機沒帶相機電池 囧rz,所以...完全不能拍照XD~)
Adan : Actually Gina came yesterday because she wants to be the First one to visit Lego, and she did~! And she is also the first one to visit me~!
Lego : See, Gina is very happy to see me, so happy that putting me on her head~!
Lego : I am best nose kisser in the whole world, my name is not Lego, my name is "Everyone is good".
阿丹:後母姨姨送樂高一個小拖鞋,裡面塞滿貓草粉,你看這個臭小孩自high把頭塞到拖鞋裡面推著全場跑,腦袋真的秀斗了耶~~~ (阿丹只對於木天寥棒有反應)
Adan : Gina gave Lego a tiny slipper, and put the catnip inside, look at this stink kid put his head inside the slipper and push it all around the house.
Lego : Oah this is very good, excellent. (Lego drools all over the slipper just like it into the water)
Lego : When Gina goes to the balcony, I also could play "give me five" between the glass window.
Lego : Now I know why Adan brother likes Gina, I also like Gina very very much~!
Lego : Because I love Gina, so I become BatGo to let Gina see. Many says my BatGo suit just like Photoshop do, it didn't, it's a real custome!
Lego : Gina auntie, is there anything BatGo could do for you?
Michico : This is really like a "Mini Me"batman, right?
Lego : This one looks like a big belly BatGo~~
Lego : Gina often praises me I have big toes, she says I will become a big size cat, I want to be a big size cat, because I want to protect my Adan brother.

樂高:不過天氣這麼熱,我才知道蝙蝠俠很不好當啊。手舉起來很像蝙蝠俠正在踢正步對吧 (背景是胖丁爹喔)
Lego : But the weather is so hot, now I know not everyone could be batman, it's not easy. Right now I raise my hand but it looks like Batman is doing "goose step", hahaha~~~ (the background person is Gina's husband)
樂高:後母姨姨和胖丁爹好棒喔~!!! 一直陪我玩兩個多小時耶。
Lego : Gina and her husband are great people, they continue playing with me over 2 hours!
(小芥:離別前,臭色高竟然鑽到後母的乳溝裡>"< 我怎麼教出這麼沒家教的臭小孩真是的。你到時候被胖丁爹追殺我是不會救你的喔~~) 樂高:後母姨姨不要走嘛~~~
Michico : (Hey! hey! hey! Lego, don't get into Gina's cleavage, you are so rude!!!! Get out!) Lego : Gina auntie don't go~~~
Gina's husband : Hey Lego, that "spot" belongs to me, ok? At least belongs to Gina's cats~~ (Lego : Ok ok, I am sorry)
阿丹:後母姨姨,還是我比較有水準吧~~~ 樂高就把他丟一邊去好了,我對妳比較溫柔~~~~~
Adan : See, Gina auntie? I am much more a gentleman~!!!! As a very tender tuxi cat, I am much more polite and dashing~! Leave Lego behind~~~
小芥:就這樣,後母和胖丁爹的頭香來訪圓滿達成。今天我最驕傲的就是,丹丹記得後母姨姨喔,而且看到胖丁爹沒有跑。真的好棒喔~! 謝謝後母一直對丹丹的喜愛,還有送給樂高這麼可愛的禮物,等到我七月加班完畢一定好好“疼惜”四喵去。
Michico :'s a big success that Gina and her husband came visiting Adan and Lego. Thanks so so much that Gina loves Adan so much and gave Lego such wonderful presnet, after July while I don't have to work, I will go Gina's place to visit her 4 cats again for appreciation!!


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Team Tabby said...

Such precious pictures of you two. It was very nice of Gina and husband to come and visit you. The bat costume fits you well Lego, you look very good in it too. Adan, we like your 'looking upside down' picture a lot. Have a great day!

Mindy & Moe

andophiroxia said...

Gina's husband said it right. XD

But why Lego do you bite there?

Kate (Pablo's mum) said...

You two are so welcoming and loving towards visitors! I just hide when visitors come.

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

Adan and Lego, you had a great visit from Gina and her husband. She was so nice to play with you for so long!

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Mickey's Musings said...

I can see why you like Gina! She is so good to both of you :) Playing with you for so long must have been fun :)
Purrs Mickey

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Adan you are a perfect gentlecat!

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Lux said...

Wow, what a great visit you all had! Of course we remember, Adan, when we like people!

Lego, we burst out laughing at you in your Batman costume! Sorry. We couldn't help it! :)

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Terrific photos! We are glad that you both enjoyed having visitors. :)

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Daisy said...

That looks like a very, very wonderful visit! My favorite photo of all is the big belly BatGo.

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Ramses said...

I prefer to leave the people fussing to the other cats here and save myself for My Mummy, but I do occasionally cave in when chicken is involved! Is this they visitors often come on chicken day?! If so I shall tell My Mummy that just like Adan and Lego I want more visitors! :) We have some tomorrow in fact, they are coming to collect Dandy and Delta...

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Gina and her husband are very nice visitors and played with you for a long time.
Lego, you look very cute as Batman.
Adan you were nearly right about the yak rat. Today the V E T said he thought I may have eaten a bad mouse that made me ill. I am feeling a little better today, so maybe the yak mouse is nearly gone.

Rosemary B❤️ said...

This is a wonderful visit for Gina and her husband! Adan, you and Lego were very nice and welcoming, that is really so great. I love these pictures so much!!
Lego, you look great in the batman suit, i think it fits you in personality too. You will grow up to be a very good helper for your brother. I think Pierro will be a good protector for me... maybe when he gets tired of wanting to eat my tail and wrestle with me... some day *sigh*

I hope you have a wonderful day today.
Love always, Princess

Troy said...

貓咪穿衣服好可愛ㄚ!! > <

Tyler said...

Adan and Lego you guys are too cute!

Anonymous said...

"Wow" what a great visit.I can see why you love Gina so much. She's very sweet and nice to play with you.

Tybalt said...

Wow! Another great visit with Gina!

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L. Alida said...

Oh Adan, you are so sweet to visit with! How lucky Gina and her husband were to visit with you and cute little Lego. It looks like everyone had fun! Lego, you are so cute in your costume. :)
Michico took such nice pictures this weekend. I like Adan's Saturday yawn pictures. I'm so sorry and sad that another kitty has gone to the Bridge. It's sweet to remember them and keep them in our hearts.
Adan and Lego hold a special place in so many hearts!
Sending Love to you,

Queen Snickers, Empress and Princess Renna said...

Lego you look so cute as Batgo!! hehe! ~Queen Snickers

Anonymous said...

We love BatGo! hahaha! You boys are very lucky to have so many to love you and bring you gifts!

Mr. Hendrix said...

what fun visitors! Adan, you are certainly a sweet gentleman cat, no wonder Gina loves you! Lego, you look so cute at BatGo! very brave.

Unknown said...

How wonderful that Gina and her husband came by to visit you both! You are very lucky cats.

The Furry Kids said...

It sounds like you had a great visit with Gina and her husband. Adan, you are very much a gentleman.

Anonymous said...

Both you and Lego love Gina a lot Adan. It was a nice visit you had and Lego in the bat costume was adorable! He is very patient with wearing the costume.

The Misadventures Of Me said...

Wow Lego your first visitors and you gives kisses? You are certainly friendly!

Kimo and Sabi said...

Hehehe - Lego is a very cute BatGo - he is ready for a costume contest!

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Jimmy Joe said...

You are lucky to have such nice friends like Gina and her husband to come visit you, buddies! Those are great pictures
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Anonymous said...

丹丹好棒哦! 好個公關貓!~

MaoMao said...

Awwww, those are adorabble pickshures of Gina and her hubby visitin you and Lego! Lego makes a furry cute Batkitty!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

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Anonymous said...

真的有可愛~ ^^

Anonymous said...



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