Monday, March 7, 2011

壞丹丹;Bad Adan-dan revenge

 Michico : Because I have to feed Adan bad taste medicine, and Adan piss off, and he pee on our bed.....all over, everything needs to be washed, I am almost faint~~ Good, at least he gots great energy.
Fortunately we have a waterproof cover on the mattress, but right now we have very big rainy day this week, me and Arion are speechless.... anyway, I have to keep force feeding him medicine to recover his butt.... And Adan is not allowed into the bedroom these days!!!
Michico : Right now Simba in the comment ask if it's because Adan's buttom is pain so Adan doesn't want to use the litter box, right now I won't exclude this possibility, but yesterday he did use litter box before, and after I feed him medicine, when I leave the bedroom, he immediately pee on the bed, so I think it's because he wasn't happy about it. But don't you worry Simba, I won't send Adan away, I just can't wash more bed sheet in these rainy days :)


Gemini and Ichiro said...

Adan--sometimes revenge gets you back--not allowed in the bedroom!

Daisy said...

Oh Adan, I'm sorry I missed purring for you when you were so sick! I am glad you are doing so much better. I think the revenge-pee might have made up for all you had to go through. I hope your bottom is feeling better now!

Angel Simba said...

I wonder if the peeing on the bed is also because Adan's bottom hurts from the surgery so he doesn't want to use the litter box? After my human brother's cat ha surgery for a urinary blockage he had to have only shredded paper in his box, and I think he must have thought that was strange.

I once peed and pooped on the bed after my human sister visited with a new boyfriend: it was the bed where the man slept. She broke off with him later as he was not such a nice person after all. She says I already knew that first.

Brian said...

Poor Adan, it's not revenge, it's frustration. Purrs to you sweet Adan!

caspersmom said...

Adan I was sorry to hear about your operation. Purrs and Prayers for a complete recovery for you. I'm sure once you get better you won't have to have that nasty medicine and you will use the litter box and not Mom and Dad's bed. Heck that collar would tick me off. Purrs and Prayers for your friend Mickey too.


michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

Dear Simba,

He just use the litter box before he pee on the bed about 2 hours ago, and I clean immediately.
And after I feed him medicine, he pee on the bed right away. So, I guess it's his revenge.

It's possible his bottom pain so he doesn't want to use litter box, but I think it's more possible because he hates medicine, because everytime I feed him, it's like a war. liquid also not work.
But if he refuse to eat medicine, his butt will pain more, so I have to do it.
I can't put him into the bedroom it's because we have super big rainy days, very difficult to dry the bed sheet :(

Don't worry, I love Adan very very much~

andophiroxia said...

When I spayed one of my cats, I left her in a cardboard carrier in my room to keep calm and quiet. She jumped out despite being drugged and then POOED on the floor. She was mad that I put her in the carrier and alone. I even tried taping the box shut (there were air holes, gentle reader, the catch to the carrier was kind of messed up), but she still did it.

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Adan-dan is probably peeing on the bed because he is hurting. Giving the pain med tastes bad, and perhaps makes his tummy feel sick so he needs to use the litterbox but thinking about that makes Adan-dan worry about hurt.
I know it is hard. Put Adan-dan in a place that has all washable things. Perhaps you can find someone with a dryer.
I wish I could come and help.

get better soon dear Adan-dan

Anonymous said...

Maybe Adan had to go in the first place and the struggle at pill time just made it more urgent & Adan could not hold back anymore. I am sure sweet Adan was not mad, just caught in a bad ... erh situation. Get well soon.

Sasha said...

I hope you get better soon Adan. You must be feeling very unwell.
best purrs


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